This is not good news if you want an iPhone 14 Pro

This is not good news if you want an iPhone 14 Pro

As employees at Foxconn’s factories in China assemble Apple cell phones, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts future problems.

Now the Pro models can’t be delivered on Christmas Eve

Apple will not be able to produce as many mobile phones in the fourth quarter.

Not all iPhone 14 Pro models can be delivered before December 29th from, while the iPhone 14 can be picked up in the mail within two days. This has been the trend since launch.

It’s not surprising that there will be a shortage a few weeks before Christmas, we’ve warned about this before, but it means that Apple will also have very few Pro models available next year.

Apple with a rare warning: it warns of an iPhone shortage.

The first quarter may be the weakest of 2023 for Apple

There is talk of less than 20 percent of production capacity being used at the plant in November, a figure that is expected to rise to 30 to 40 percent in December.

To help Apple, Pegatron and Luxshare each received 10 percent of Pro and Pro Max orders. The problem is, really big shipments of cell phones won’t arrive until late December, and that’s an early estimate.

Kuo believes that because of slow shipping and the economic recession, customers won’t return to shop when there’s more inventory in January 2023. This could mean a worse quarter for Apple than is typical in the first quarter.

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