Air tickets: – I got a shock bill – warns others

Air tickets: – I got a shock bill – warns others

On August 11, Ruth (79) and Peter (80) Jaffe were to fly with Ryanair from London to Bergerac in France.

The day before departure, Ruth Jaffe checked in online and paid £22 for two seats next to each other.

I thought she checked both ways, she downloaded the tickets.

The next day they go to Stansted Airport – and then Ruth Jaffe realizes the mistake.

She checked in – and downloaded tickets – for the return flight only.

It cost the couple dearly, reports Kennedy News and Media.

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Had to counter

Ruth Jaffe says she found Ryanair’s website confusing and that the airline tried to convince her to add “one more thing” for a fee.

– I didn’t realize I only checked in for the return flight. At the airport, I tried to print my boarding pass, but she said check-in was closed and that I had to go to the front desk, she says.

The couple had to check in at the Ryanair office, and their boarding pass was printed.

They were then told that this would cost them 55 pounds per person, roughly NOK 1,500.

Receipt: Ruth Jaffe received this receipt after shelling out nearly NOK 1,500 to check-in at the airport. Photo: Kennedy News and Media
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– He had no other choice

Ruth Jaffe says she’s cooking inside.

– I thought that was completely reprehensible, but I had no choice but to cash out. She says it was incredibly stressful.

I complained to the woman at the counter.

– She said I have to file a complaint with Ryanair. I could stand it, but I was furious. We are lucky to be able to pay, but for the family it would have been a disaster, she says.

Read Ryanair’s response at the bottom of the issue!

For a long time

When Ruth and Peter Jaffe came home and told their daughter about the large fee, the daughter quickly posted a message on X/Twitter.

The letter read as follows:

«Hi Ryanair, My parents in their 70’s and 80’s accidentally downloaded return on board cards instead of departure cards and I charged £110 to print at the airport. £110 for 2 pieces of paper that took 1 minute. Shame on you.»

At the time of writing, nearly 160,000 people have clicked “Like” on the post, and the comment section is going strong:

Ryanair is the worst airline! They should be avoided at all costs, someone writes.

– I have not heard anything positive about them write something else.

No self-criticism

Ryanair themselves believe they have done nothing wrong, and that it is the customers’ responsibility to check the terms and conditions they have accepted.

A spokesperson for Kennedy News and Media explains that passengers can check-in online two hours before departure.

If they do not, they can check-in at the airport 40 minutes before departure.

BUT – if you check in at the airport you have to pay the same fee as Ruth and Peter Jaffe.

– According to Ryanair’s terms and conditions – which these passengers accepted when booking their flight – they did not check-in online before arriving at Stansted, despite receiving an email reminder the day before, says the spokesperson.

Sorry, not sorry

The company calls the fee the “check-in fee”.

– Passengers were charged correctly for the check-in fee, which is £55 per person, says the person.

The person indicates that it always sends travelers a reminder to check-in online.

– All passengers flying with Ryanair agree to check-in online before arriving at the airport. 24 hours before departure, an email or SMS is sent to all passengers reminding them to do so, says the spokesperson, before finishing:

– Too bad for the passengers that they ignored the email reminder and failed to check-in online.

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