Akademia’s response to Shall we dance? Here is this year’s winner

Akademia’s response to Shall we dance?  Here is this year’s winner


Swinging on the PhD dance floor. Science once again named Doctoral Dance of the Year.

Here’s to this year’s PhD dance.

Brussels (Chrono): Is it possible to dance your PhD thesis?

naturally. If anyone is in doubt, just check out the annual report Dance Ph.D.– The competition is sponsored by Science Magazine. For fifteen years, they have voted for the fiercest PhD dancers.

2023 is no exception, it is still swinging well on the PhD dance floor, and this year’s dance is called “MOF Nanoparticles: General Synthetic Method and Size-dependent Properties”.

This is also the name of the doctoral dissertation of chemist Checkers Marshall at the University of Oregon. She took first place in this year’s award with a dance featuring Lord of the Rings cues, blue origami balloons and fans, who are supposed to represent electrons.

“I can’t dance unless I have something in my hands,” says Marshall of Science.

But enough talk, jury reasoning It can be verified in ScienceMarshall’s winning film can be seen below.

The video, or dance, if you like, is also a winner in the Chemistry category. On Science, you can also check out winning dances in Biology, Physics, and the Social Sciences.

But since we’re first on the dance floor, let’s list a couple of past winners, like this one in 2022.

Not least the Finnish winner from 2021.

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