Alexandra Burke: – – He asked her to bleach the skin

Alexandra Burke: - - He asked her to bleach the skin

32-year-old Alexandra Burke caught everyone’s attention when she ran off with her “X Factor” win in 2008. Now, however, she can reveal that it was not only a life of hustle and bustle that came with the great victory, but also the harsh notes and challenges.

More than twelve years after she won the competition, she’s been in the headlines once again. In a larger interview with Watchman Is she brutally honest about her absolutely horrific experiences from the TV era.

– Warned me

Her now-deceased mother, since Burke was young, tried to prepare her daughter for what awaited her in the music industry.

– She warned me that people would inevitably turn colour, says Burke, and says that her mother, who was in “Second Soul” before her death, also received slang notes about color and body.

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According to the 32-year-old, she herself actually suffered from racism when she was twelve years old, when she participated in the talent competition “Star of the Night”.

– She started getting comments that “Because you are black, you don’t want to go far”, “Because you are black, you have to work ten times as hard,” she says, adding that there are people in the industry also as bloggers like slang with lips.

However, it peaked in 2008, when, as I mentioned, I climbed to the top on “The X Factor”, at just 19 years old.

She first showed up to me when I was asked to whiten my skin after “The X Factor,” she reveals.

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Burke doesn’t want to reveal who made the comment, but says the person who worked with her was creative.

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Previously, in a public video, I also spoke about the calls for skin whitening. It only did so after the Black Lives Matter movement emerged last year, after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin.

lost mother

Also nine years later, when she was a participant in “Strictly Come Dancing,” she was scorned. This time to smile a little, says Burke.

It is said that her management asked her to smile more, and claimed that she would not pick up people if she did not smile. Later, she dismissed the management.

At the time, there must have been a few that showed the star’s mother was dying – at the same time as she was accused of smiling just a little.

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