Alver Meyer wins Easter Labyrinth on NRK

Alver Meyer wins Easter Labyrinth on NRK

– Sarah Hamre Sekkingstad says winning the last Easter Maze for Viggo Valle is a great honor.

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“Where are we going?”

From 1987, Vigo Valle asked this question in NRK's ​​”Easter Labyrinth”. He will retire in the summer and today he played his last show and final.

It was won by Alvar mayor Sarah Hamre Sekkingstad (SP).

– It's an adrenaline rush. At first I was at a loss for words. Now I know it's a lot of fun, says Sackingstad.

Husband was in the finals

The show has less than a million viewers from all over Norway and is very popular. Sekkingstad says he called NRK on Thursday to ask if he could attend.

On Friday, a 30-year-old man from Mangar was allowed to participate in the broadcast. There he also qualified for today's final.

– I have followed the competition for a few years. The first time was when Emil Andre Erstadt was in the finals, he says.

Erstad, like Sekkingstad, belongs to Manger in Rado. He has been the head of KrF's youth party and a political advisor to former KrF leader Knut Arild Haride. Today he works as a commentator on Vårt Land.

Two years ago, Scheckingstad's husband, Paul Adrian Rhine, was also in the final.

– He and his cousin helped me in today's match, says Sackingstad.

Viggo Valle at NRK for 37 years

Elver Meyer thinks Saturday's final was tough.

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– Some previous treasure hunts have been made possible by Google. We tried to reason. One must turn the notes.

Zero points and a grand prix was the tip she got. The answer is Dansberg, John Deegan's hometown.

– I got a little lucky, says Checkingstad.

On Friday, SP politician Marit Arnstad contributed a question. Then one had to travel to his native place, Scottwall.

– I recognized her voice immediately. I am also good friends with her niece and have been to Scott's many times. I am there almost every summer, she says.

Marit Arnstad's son-in-law is also Ada Arnstad, the former president of Sänderungdomen.

– We worked together there. I was the general secretary and she was the manager.

Mom is a flight attendant

– Why are you so good at this?

– I really enjoy traveling. But there are so many little places I've never heard of. Then I have to justify.

One of the answers she had to justify was Tilbury in England. The tips she got were a funeral and last year's bronze medalist in the elite series, Tromsø, also known as TIL.

– My husband is from Finsnes in Trams. It helped, she laughs.

– Why do you like to travel so much?

– I grew up with a mother who was a flight attendant and traveled a lot.

– As secretary-general of Centurgdomen, I traveled a lot in Norway. It has helped me a lot too.

Scheckingstad says she and her husband also love the quiz.

– We often go to Finnegan's on Fridays.

Sarah Checkingstad (SP) is in her fifth year as mayor of Alvern.

Don't be insecure

– Are you successful there too?

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– We started badly and came last when we were first. But the more you persevere, the more you understand the questions.

– What are the tricks?

– It's about daring to stand up for it. The first thing you come up with is often correct. One should not be uncertain.

– What does it mean if you win the last Easter maze for Viggo Valle?

– I think that's great. He has provided good Easter entertainment over the years.

Congratulations have been pouring in for Checkingstad after the victory became a reality. Congratulators included Anne Beathe Tvinnerheim, deputy head of Sp, Fisheries Minister Cecile Mirseth (Ap) and district mayor Jon Askeland (Sp).

– seems to have many followers.

– The prize is a NOK 10,000 travel gift card. Where are you traveling to?

– I said in the program that I want to go to Italy. I am very happy in that country.

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