Meteorological agency reports a lot of wind: – Terrible weather in many places

Meteorological agency reports a lot of wind: – Terrible weather in many places

Large areas of the Norwegian coast are covered in wind, rain and fog. Snowfall warnings have also been issued for some inland areas.

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– A few windy storms along the coast this evening and overnight. We have sent out danger warnings for both wind and snow drifts during the day.

Espan Biseth Granan, a meteorologist working at the Meteorological Center, said about the weather situation in the country.

– Today’s main picture is low pressure controlling the weather overnight and into Sunday.

This is because there is a low pressure area off the Baltic Sea and a high pressure area off Ireland.

– When these collide, a tight wind field is formed between these pressures, which affects large parts of the Norwegian coast, explains Biseth Granen.

This results in strong winds along the coasts, especially in the southern parts of the country.

Mortholmen in Agrehamn.

Almost ended up in the ocean

Kjell Bua lives in Karmøy and rode out the storm on Saturday. He could tell of a car that survived the forces of the sea.

– This is a second matter. Several strong waves hit the road. Had it been two seconds later, the car would have ended up in the sea. Bua says to Viji this is not the first time I am seeing.

According to Bua, the storm picked up Saturday afternoon.

– Now it’s worse. Most things blow around the ears here as a result of the wind, he says.

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Blizzard warning

The Met Office has also issued a snow warning for mountain areas in southern Norway and along Finnmarksvita.

– The weather is bad in some places. There is more rain and snow along the coasts, with some inland falling as white rain.

On Sunday, winds will gradually decrease, and the storm will lighten.

Inland areas, especially in eastern Norway, you may be lucky with the weather on the last day of the week.

– Good weather is reported in the interior of eastern Norway. Here the sun can peek out and the weather is pretty good, says Biseth Granan.

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