Magnus Devold on his most embarrassing TV moment:

Magnus Devold on his most embarrassing TV moment:

As a comedian, you have to present yourself and maybe put your shame aside. Comedian and TV analyst Magnus Devold (36) has experience with this, and is currently involved in the hidden camera show “Kamikaze”.

Rejected by the surgeon

In the program, several well-known characters will proceed to perform embarrassing tasks in full view, surprising both men and women on the street.

When Dagbladet meets Devold at the “Kamikaze” premiere party in Brød og Sirkus, he recalls a moment in his career that he would rather suppress.

Mary Mary: Magnus Devold is very proud of his girlfriend Maria Stavang’s “new big success” in Norway. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner
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– Anxiety and panic

The 36-year-old tells Dagbladet that it wasn’t easy just to put yourself through challenges.

- He lived below the poverty line

– He lived below the poverty line

– I feel all this waking up knowing that “today I will do something terrible again,” and that I did it yesterday and there are still many weeks left. The constant feeling of anxiety and panic was heavy. But it’s also exciting, explains the comedian.

It may have been more difficult for Dievold, who recently took the popular “Big Five” personality test.

Adult pain: Maria Stavang is ready with her own show, Adult Pain, and in the first episode she puts Magnus Devold, her boyfriend and current boyfriend, through a lie detector. Video: Red Runner/Dplay
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-I scored high on self-consciousness and introversion, so I thought from day one that I would break a lot of boundaries for myself. But then it gradually became clear that things were going well, and you were able to turn off your social antennas. So it was a fun experience mixed with a lot of horror.

Did you recognize the trio?

Did you recognize the trio?

However, Devold got a positive surprise

– I expected to be reprimanded, but I think only one or two out of several hundred got angry during this period. I want to say thank you to Norway for that!

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– Sleep one hour the night before

On the other hand, the 36-year-old has not only received good reactions throughout his long career on screen. In front of Dagbladet, he recalls a TV moment he wished he could have done without.

Before the live broadcast of Folketeateret’s “I væld med Ylvis”, a pre-premiere adventure was planned.

scared: In “The King’s Orders”, the participants have to perform many strange tasks, and Magnus Devold solves his task in a slightly different way. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Steven Petersen/Red Runner
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It was agreed, among other things, that Devold would be followed by VGTV for 24 hours.

– Since I was the lowest in the program participants, I had to carry most of the load throughout the night, he explains, and continues:

-So I slept an hour the night before, and then I had to get on stage in front of 1,500 people live and do a competition in the studio, and I was so tired. I had text cards in my hand, and when I looked at them I couldn’t even see what was written there. It’s just porridge.

- Trying to stop this

– Trying to stop this

Kamikaze’s profile describes him as “stumbling his way” through the session.

– I think it was my first time watching live on TV, and the review the next day said: “Magnus Devold was the only one who looked visibly nervous.” It was heavy!

shoot: Magnus Devold managed to get from Norway to Japan in a car without a driver’s license. Video: Red Runner/Discovery+.
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However, it should not make any impact on Devold’s further television career, and he later appeared in shows such as “The King Commands” and “Kjør meg til OL”.

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