Amanda Kernell and Anne Lagla Otse become members of the Oscar Academy – NRK Sápmi

Amanda Kernell og Anne Lajla Utsi

This allows them to vote on who will receive the Oscar.

– This is a huge tribute to the filmmakers Sami, says the smiling Anne-Lagla Otsi.

Kernell from Umeå in Sweden and Utsi from Kautokeino are not the only Sami members of the academy. Blackfoot Sami Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers became a member in 2020.

– There will be a lot of watching movies

Academy Awards are awarded in 24 different categories, including Best Picture, Directing, Leading Roles, Supporting Roles, Screenplay, Dialogue, Photography, Editing, Music, Scenography, and Fashion.

Awards are given primarily to American films, with a special award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Otse does not yet know which category she belongs to, but she thinks it will be a few hours in front of the TV screen starting in the fall.

– I have already seen a lot of films related to my work, but now it will be more than that. Think if I have time for something else?

Dubbing follows. Anne Lagla Otse, with Lisa Marie Christensen (right) and Hana Naughty (left) at Sammy Filmanstuheta’s studio.

Photo: Ronald Polk/NRK

More Sami in the academy?

Since there are now three Semites in the academy, could this be just the beginning of a great Semitic invasion in the academy?

– All members can suggest a new member, so it’s not impossible, says Otsi Said.

Sami also was not nominated for an Academy Award more than once, in 1987 it was Nils Gabs Ofelaš – enchanter nominated.

Michael Job in the Oscar-nominated movie

Sami’s famous movie “Ofelaš – The Wizard” by Nils Gabe is the only Sami movie to be nominated for an Academy Award. In the movie, Mikkel Gaup had the main role.

Photo: NTB scanpix

Huge success with debut movie

Amanda Kernell had a huge success with her first feature film “Sameblod”, which was released in 2016.

The film premiered at the 73rd Venice Film Festival, where it won the Europa Cinemas Label for Best European Film. He also won the Fedora Critics Award for Best Debut Director.

Kernell thinks it’s great to be a part of the academy.

A great honor and a little unexpected. It’s a little strange to think that I started making short films in Umeå, when Hollywood felt so far away.

The Norwegian members of the Academy are Rinat Rensev Wingville Kolest Haga from The Worst Man in the World, as well as film photographer Storla Brandeth Grovelin.

Amanda Kernell

Amanda Kernell started her career in short films, and since then, her career has only gone uphill.

Photo: Dan Robert Larsen/NRK

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