And Norway’s Krigsseileren will be nominated for an Oscar

And Norway's Krigsseileren will be nominated for an Oscar

It was previously announced that he is between the films “Krigsseileren”, “Sick Girl” and “Alle hater Johan” to represent Norway.

It is now clear that the “Sailor of War” was chosen from among the three.

Telling the story is the most important thing

In the drama Krigsseileren, we learn the story of more than 30,000 Norwegian sailors at war and the fate of their families during and after World War II.

Director and screenwriter Gunnar Vikens said in one Press release earlier this fall That “Krigsseileren” is a necessary story to tell in order to explain the injustices suffered by the war sailors after the war.

– When the film has now received the honor of being chosen as a Norwegian Academy Award nominee, we hope it will contribute to more people getting involved and seeing the story of the war sailors and their families. Conveying this story has always been the most important thing for us, Vikene wrote in a press release from the Norwegian Film Institute.

It is estimated that about 3,700 Norwegian sailors lost their lives and 473 ships were lost during the war.

The most expensive film in the history of Norway

In the cast of the film we find, among others, Christopher Gunner (Bulgen), Paul Sefer Hagen (Exit) and In-Marie Wellman (Exit, Sonya).

– It’s great that the film represents Norway in the Academy Awards. The film is about a piece of history that we share in many ways with Americans. The fact that the film, as a Norwegian Academy Award nominee, can help shed light on what happened to more than 240,000 American sailors of war is very important to us, says Pål Sverre Hagen in a press release from the Norwegian Film Institute.

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Christopher Gunner talks about the recording of “Krigsseileren”. Watch the video below to see the main cast’s reaction to the Oscar news.

Krigsseileren “has a budget of 110 million NOK, This makes it the most expensive Norwegian film ever made.

The film premiered on September 23, and subsequently received a number of positive reviews from reviewers. Krigsseileren has been described as one of the most important war films ever made.

Norwegian favorite

Last year was the blockbuster Norwegian movie The “Worst Person in the World” was nominated for a total of two categoriesBoth are “Best Foreign Language Film” and “Best Original Screenplay”.

However, there was no award for the famous feature film, but the film nevertheless received great international recognition.

Among other things, former President Barack Obama spoke about the movie and said that it is one of his favorite movies from 2021.

Last year’s Oscars took a dramatic turn. Watch live reactions from the studio in the video below.

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