Andrea Roth: –absolutely awful. love sadness

Andrea Roth: –absolutely awful.  love sadness

Andrea Roth (21) is one of Norwegian athletics’ greatest talents and hopes for the future.

The dreams are big and the goal is clear: Ruth is doing everything she can to achieve her dream of becoming an Olympic champion in athletics.

My long-term goal is Olympic gold. Karsten Warholm and Jakob Ingebrigtsen showed that it is also possible for Norwegians. It does so much for those of us next in line; We believe that it is actually possible to become the best in the world as a Norwegian athlete, Andrea Roth tells Dagbladet.

Big ambitions: Andrea Roth dreams of becoming the best in the world. Photo: Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet
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She didn’t discover the multi-personality – unlike when Karsten Warholm was the same age – after the rehearsal she would eventually focus on. The 21-year-old won gold at the U20 EC in the 400m hurdles, but he also has strong features to show in the all-around and in the 100m hurdles.

It was in the 100m hurdles that she qualified for the first time at the EC competition in Munich last year. It’s been a nightmare start to the senior championship – and fate has made random Germans on the streets of Munich stop it and show the deepest sympathy.

As for Roth, he was on a false start before the tournament even began and left the Olympic stadium in tears:

far down: Shooting star Andrea Roth (19) had her grueling EC debut when she was beaten in a trial heat for the 100m hurdles. Video: Lucas/Godot. Clip: NRK
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– Absolutely terrible

The great talent now had put that moment behind him.

Meanwhile: When Andrea Roth was a guest on Dagbladet’s show “MaxPuls” (watch the video at the top of the story), she said the unfortunate downturn had been deep inside for a long time.

– I had great ambitions and thought: “I’ll take this.” The conditions were brutal – ideal for the Norwegian who is used to training in bad weather. I didn’t think it would go so badly. And I didn’t even see that interview, says the 21-year-old as Dagbladet pulled the teary, emotional video.

– Didn’t you see him?

– No, are you crazy? You don’t sit back and watch yourself laugh. It’s absolutely horrific. Oh my. A little embarrassed, says the happy girl and laughs.

Training difficulty: Andrea Roth.  Photo: private

Training difficulty: Andrea Roth. Photo: private
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As for Ruth, she’s a happy girl, who wants to remove memories of crying in Munich, and who she thinks gets a lot of attention when her name is “Google”.

– There was a sponsor who called me, but then she “googled” and found videos and photos of crying, because the European Commission in Munich is the largest I have ever participated in. And there I just cried. I hope people don’t think of me as a whiner who just smiles. The head of athletics admitted to Dagbladet that it had been an unimaginably dull day that I would have preferred to be without.

Meet the great talent Andrea Roth (21), who has been a guest on MaxPuls and talks about, among other things, the crash in Munich, bloody cuts, the Olympic dream, social media and much more. Program Director: Øyvind Godø. Cut: Christopher Lucas. Video: NRK, Friidrettskanalen, Andrea Rooth, and Kristoffer Løkås. Photo: NTB and Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet
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Did you gain an undeserved reputation after what happened in Munich?

– Yeah, it’s not like I’m laughing all the time. I have to create a big headline that erases all of that. She says with a laugh, I hope people still see me as a happy girl.

Love sadness and heartache

– How difficult was what happened in the European Commission?

– It was very difficult. I think this is how people feel when they are being dumped. You get a stab in the stomach. You wish you could reverse what happened. But it doesn’t work. It’s just a real lump in the stomach. I just wanted to take it out. At the same time, the moment was extremely intense. I felt like I was living like a zombie all day.

Olympic Gold Dreams: Andrea Roth.  Photo: Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet

Olympic Gold Dreams: Andrea Roth. Photo: Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet
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She continues:

– After that happened, I walked around and had a lot of pain and heartbreak for something I’m so fond of.

The Germans stopped him in the street

The positive thing about all the misery was all the care I was met with.

– I didn’t get much attention. There were a lot of nice people who came up to me on the streets of Munich afterwards. They said, “Oh my God, are you single? Are you okay?” And I said, “Yeah, it was me, but things are going well.”

Athletics talent Andrea Roth reacts to NRK’s ​​maneuver. Program Leader: Øyvind Godø. Cut: Christopher Lucas. Video: Photos from NRK
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How long did the contraction last?

– It was a little silly that it was the last thing I did that season, because it meant I was a little unsure when I started the indoor season. But I realized what was important was to put yourself in those situations over and over again — and to become confident again, because I could do that. It got better and better gradually.

Do you think this ordeal can make you stronger in the long run?

– Yes, without a doubt. That’s the plan!

Andrea Roth is put off when she hears an interview with herself. Program Leader: Øyvind Godø. Cut: Christopher Lucas.
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This season, the U23 EC Espoo in Finland in July – and hopefully the first Athletics World Cup in Budapest in August – is the big target for the great talent Andrea Roth (21).

Unique family

She comes from the family of athletics of a very rare type:

Her father, Vegard Roth, is her coach. Papa Ruth – like again his brothers, Marius and Espin – has won several NM gold medals in athletics in his active sports career.

Additionally, Cousin Marcus Roth is a multi-talented cousin. Kagsa’s cousin Ruth is also dating, among other things, all over the place. The same can be said of Edvin Roth. And according to Andrea, more is on the way.

– Are you from the new Ingebrigtsen family?

– Hahahaha. In this case, there is more to brag about. Believe it or not. Now we are not brothers, but one big family. Not just Marcos, Cajsa and me. There are also many young people who come later. Maybe we are the new Ingebrigtsen family. Who knows, you say.

Star Andrea Roth explains the bizarre photos. Program Director: Øyvind Godø. Cut: Christopher Lucas. Video: Athletics Channel
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harsh reactions

The 21-year-old tells of a family with an unusually strong competitive instinct and a willingness to push each other to become just a little bit better. And the connection is nothing but wrapped in euphemisms.

– We are honest with each other. If you’re having a bad day, you’ll hear about it. At the same time, there is love in it, even if not everyone interprets criticism as love.

Father and daughter: Andrea Roth works closely with her father and coach Vegard Roth.  Photo: Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet

Father and daughter: Andrea Roth works closely with her father and coach Vegard Roth. Photo: Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet
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– But you do?

– Yes! I do that. I take it positively. All criticism is good criticism, I think, at least on the field of athletics. You should always have something to work for.

– Does that make you cruel?

– yes i will. You should be.

CLOSE BOND: Andrea Roth works closely with dad and trainer Vegard Roth.  Photo: Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet

CLOSE BOND: Andrea Roth works closely with dad and trainer Vegard Roth. Photo: Bjørn Langsem/Dagbladet
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The goal: an Olympic gold

But the similarities to the Ingebrigtsen family stop there. The versatility of the Roth family’s thinking is reminiscent of the philosophy of, among others, Karsten Warholm and Amali Yuell, who, like Andrea, were multi-sport athletes until eventually specializing in the 400-meter hurdles and becoming the absolute best over the distance.

– I understand that it is easy to see our similarities, because we do the same thing, but we are completely different people.

– Having said that, I am also in favor of diversity. For me, the miscellaneous piece worked very well. Andrea Roth says it’s something I enjoy.

Andrea Rooth drives a slightly different style than many of his competitors before the competition. Program Director: Øyvind Godø. Cut: Christopher Lucas. Video: Friidrettskanalen and NRK
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– How far can you get?

– I think anything is possible. We are equal in the beginning. Everyone stands there with equal opportunity. If I were to dream a little farther, an Olympic gold medal would come. But when that will happen, I don’t quite know, she says, and I hope she smiles big:

– I hope to have it quickly.

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