Angel Lin: – Brutally kidnapped

Angel Lin: – Brutally kidnapped

In September 2020, 19-year-old Angel Lane was kidnapped by her then-boyfriend Clay Boskill and bundled into a gray van.

The accident occurred in Leicestershire, near Loughborough, England.

Bosquel and his friend Rocco Sansom, of the same age, were driving at 97 kilometers per hour on a highway when Lin fell off the truck.

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In rehab: Angel Lynn is currently in need of care and cannot live at home. Photo: Angel Lane Family via Leicestershire Police.
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The 19-year-old suffered a serious head injury and doctors told the parents it was unlikely their daughter would ever recover.

In the aftermath of the accident, Lynn required round-the-clock care. Serious head injuries meant she was unable to walk, eat and speak on her own.

The first word in three years

But half a year ago, the mother, Nikki Lane, was revealed in the documentary “Kidnapping and Angel Lane,” which was produced by the British television channel. Channel 4The 22-year-old has shown progress.

– She’s doing a very good job. The mother, according to the report, said she could write, take small sips, and stand up straight BBC News.

It reveals horrific damage

It reveals horrific damage

Recently, it was also reported that Angel Lin would say her first speech since the kidnapping.

During an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the mum said her daughter had said “Mama” while visiting the hospital recently.

“Mum” is the English word for “mum”.

– I went to her room and she was lying muttering. So I said to her, “Angel, you know if you can make sounds like that, you might be able to say something, too.” Sky News.

-And then she just said that. I never thought I’d hear her speak again.

She claimed she jumped voluntarily

Boskill was due in court on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. He was found guilty of kidnapping Lane after an altercation.

The 23-year-old was also found guilty of controlling and coercive conduct in his relationship with the 19-year-old, and of pressuring his mother to withdraw the police statement.

Convicted: Angel Lane's ex-boyfriend, Chai Buskill.  Picture: Leicestershire Police

Convicted: Angel Lane’s ex-boyfriend, Chai Buskill. Picture: Leicestershire Police
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However, he was found not guilty of causing catastrophic injuries to the 19-year-old. He himself claimed that she had jumped out of the car voluntarily.

The 7.5-year prison sentence, reported by Dagbladet newspaper on January 28 last year, was to be carried out in an institution for young offenders.

If the penalty was cancelled

The short sentence caused Angel Lin’s mother to be very angry. And as early as the summer of 2024, the man may be in danger of being released.

– He can become a free man in less than three years. It pisses me off. What kind of message is it sending to others like him? His mother, Nikki, said after the punishment became known.

Duration: According to the ruling, Angel Lynn was in an abusive relationship with Chay Bowskill.  Image: shutterstock

Duration: According to the ruling, Angel Lynn was in an abusive relationship with Chay Bowskill. Image: shutterstock
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– He could be out of society, ready to ruin the lives of other women, while my daughter would be trapped here forever.

Two months later, the sentence was changed to twelve years. The judge also decided that Buskill must serve at least two-thirds of the time.

The driver of the car, Bosquel’s friend Rocco Sansom, is sentenced to 21 months in prison – and stripped of his driver’s license for twelve months for drink driving.

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