Anne Heck – The cause of death is clear

Anne Heck - The cause of death is clear

New York (Dagbladet): On August 5, Heck, 53, crashed his car into a house in Los Angeles. She fell into a coma and was pronounced dead on August 12, but she remained artificially alive until August 14 while her organs were donated.

According to police, Heche was under the influence of drugs when she crashed. Now the coroner has come up with his report on the cause of death, according to many American media reports, among others People Magazine.

Actress Anne Heck has passed away at the age of 53
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The Los Angeles County medical coroner says Heche died of smoke inhalation and burns. She also sustained fractures that contributed to her injury after the collision.

A fire broke out after the collision, and it took time for firefighters to rescue Heche from her Mini Cooper.

Authorities in Los Angeles also concluded that the death was an accident. So the police closed the investigation.


Heche first became famous on the TV series Another World in the late ’80s, before becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the late ’90s.

She was constantly seen on magazine covers and in popular films where she played opposite actors such as Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford.

A number of Hollywood celebrities sent messages of support and condolences after the accident.

Heche had a romantic relationship with talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres in the late 1990s.

She had a son Homer (20) with ex-husband Collie Lavon and a son Atlas (13) with ex-husband James Tupper.

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