May 28, 2023


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MGP-programledere 2022 (Sperrefrist til 20. des 07.00)

Annika Moumrac, Mikel Neva and Car Magnus Berg top the MGP 2022 – Melody Grand Prix – Eurovision Song Contest – NRK

Seven times before, Kåre Magnus Bergh was the host of a music competition. Now he got two starters.

Annika Momrak is famous for making humorous videos in NRK 4ETG on Youtube. In 2013, she won MGPjr as part of the Unik 4 group with the song “Så sur da”.

The 22-year-old is now ready to take his first job managing programs on live TV. As the youngest-ever host in MGP’s 62-year history.

On NRK 4ETG: with ia Martha Lefstad and Karsten Blomvik, Annika in recent years has made humorous videos for the NRK 4ETG channel on Youtube.

Photo: NRK

– I feel like a little sister who was allowed to sneak up on her big siblings at a really cool party. Momrak says it is a great honor.

– I’m also incredibly lucky to be able to do this with two of our most talented presenters in this country, Kåre Magnus and Mikkel. They are absolutely wonderful people, so this is going to be a party from start to finish!

She hasn’t had time yet to hear any of the 21 songs of the year, but she can promise there’s a lot to look forward to.

– I sneaked a peek at some costumes! I won’t say so much, but sir. I can at least guarantee it will be absolutely insane!

Gym - Key Show - NRK . TV

Competing in the gym: This winter, Annika Moumrac competed to be the best in physical education in the “gym”.

Photo: NRK

Three afternoons, you ask me

In just a few years, Mikkel Niva has been able to lead many of Norway’s biggest TV shows, such as the MGPjr TV campaign and Kvelden før kvelden.

He is really looking forward to working with Melodi Grand Prix.

– This is the premiere trio host of all time, you ask me. Plus, MGP is a fierce mixture of fierce competition, good music, partying and not least a good dose of craziness. Neva says the mix of seriousness and nonsense will be new and exciting.

Marte Stokstad and Mikkel Niva are presenters of

Event leaders before the evening: This year, Mikel Neva is leading the evening before the evening with Eurovision commentator Mart Stockstadt.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglstad/NRK

Last week it was decided The first five broadcasts of the Melody Grand Prix are held without the audience in attendance, in order to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Although the MGP season begins without the cheers of the audience in the hall, both Momrak and Niva feel a greater responsibility to take care of artists and TV viewers.

– Artists are the ones who will go out on stage and perform. If the support from the audience isn’t there, I’ll at least do my part until they get out on that stage and spell out the braid of those in the house, says Neva.

—That at least motivates me to go the extra mile to put on a show so fleshy that you can turn on the TV at home in the living room and allow for a moment to forget the outside world, says Momrac.

21 artists and songs will be revealed on Monday, January 10. The first semi-final match kicks off on Saturday 15 January.

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