Britney Spears describes her little sister’s TV interview as a PR stunt

Britney Spears describes her little sister's TV interview as a PR stunt

In a tearful interview withgood morning america“Zoey 101” star Jamie Spears (30) opens up about her difficult family situation, and her relationship with older sister Britney Spears (40).

It was a good relationship growing up

In the interview, she said that the Spears sisters had a close relationship while growing up.

– She felt like she was an extra mom, says Jamie Spears in the interview.

Furthermore, the 30-year-old says that she was happy on behalf of her sister, then Britney Spears’ father. He was denied the role of guardian.

– When it was applied, I was 17 years old, and I will have children soon. I didn’t understand what was happening. I wasn’t focused on that either. I was focused on being 17 and having kids. I understood a little of it back then, similar to what I do now, she says.

My sister once asked me if I could make sure that her sons got what they needed. And she continues, regardless of whether she’s under guardianship or not, I think it’s totally normal.

Claims she tried to help her sister get out of custody

Britney Spears fans have attacked Jamie Spears online on several occasions, accusing her of not supporting the pop star during her 13-year tenure.

Jamie Spears claims the opposite, and believes that she even tried to help the pop star get out of it.

– You have always been my sister’s biggest supporter. So when she needed help, she tried to find a way to do it. I did everything I could to make sure she had the contacts she needed to get out of custody, she says.

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Furthermore, Jamie Spears says that she still feels love for her older sister.

– I love my sister. I always loved and supported her, and did what was right for her. She knows it, so I don’t know why we’re in this situation now, she says.

Britney calls it a PR stunt

On Twitter, Britney Spears tells what she thought of her sister’s TV interview, and claims selling more books is a PR stunt.

Jimmy Spears is currently in a book called Things I Should Have Said.

Two things that bother me are that my sister says I’m out of control. She hadn’t been around me much in 15 years at the time. So why are they talking about it, unless she wants to sell the book on my tunnels, Britney Spears wrote on Twitter.

The pop star had previously said that she was very upset when her younger sister performed several of her songs, during the Radio Disney Awards in 2017.

– I know it sounds silly, but I wrote many of my songs when my sister was a baby. You’ve never had to work for anything, Britney Spears writes, while Jamie Spears claims this isn’t true in an Instagram post.

Furthermore, Britney Spears has informed fans that she will be taking a break from Instagram for a while.

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