Antarctica, ocean | Antarctica sea ice with record low winter ice cover

Antarctica, ocean |  Antarctica sea ice with record low winter ice cover

The Southern Hemisphere is now entering the spring months, and during the winter Antarctic sea ice reached a maximum size of 16.96 million square kilometers, which was measured on September 10.

Sea ice is usually at its peak during the cold winter months, so the September 10 reading will likely remain the peak for the year.

This is the lowest sea ice level ever reached from 1979 to 2023 by a wide margin, the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) said in a statement.

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On Tuesday morning, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute sent out a press release, writing that a little sea ice could affect sea temperature and weather systems and accelerate global warming.

– What we are witnessing now is not natural changes in the extent of ice, but rather a decline after months of a record decrease in the ice cover in Antarctica. This is a very worrying development, says Signy Apo, a climate researcher at the MET.

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She adds:

Less sea ice means more open seas heated by the sun’s rays. Thus, a decrease in sea ice could accelerate global warming and affect global weather systems, Apo explains.

The level was 1.03 million square kilometers lower than the previously recorded low.


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