Apple employees have collected hundreds of stories about toxic work environments

Apple employees have collected hundreds of stories about toxic work environments

Among the many issues that major tech companies have to answer are business conditions that can be criticized. Apple is no exception. Now, employees at the Iphone giant have started a movement that suggests the company has a long way to go when it comes to ergonomics.

like the site Engadget It was recently reported that Apple employees have taken the lead in a measure called #AppleToo, with the aim of shining a public light on working conditions at the company.

500 personal stories

As part of the campaign, they started collecting personal stories from employees who had something on their mind. The number of stories has now reached a total of 500, The group recently announced on Twitter.

The Twitter message states that respondents reported racism, sexism, discrimination, revenge, bullying, sexual harassment, and other types of harassment. It is also claimed that HR is ignoring complaints.

Several reports from employees have been posted on the site mode.

The group also started its own website,, trying to create awareness about their cause.

For too long, Apple has escaped public scrutiny. The truth is that for many Apple employees—a fact that people of color, Aboriginal people, and other fellows from historically marginalized groups experience disproportionately—a culture of secrecy creates an enigmatic and intimidating bulwark, the text on the site states.

All attempts to take up the matter internally with the company, including management, allegedly did not lead to changes.

Also the leaders

Among Apple employees who are very critical of the company, there are also people in management positions. Ashley Jovik, who serves as Apple’s senior director of engineering programs, She says she has been laid off from the company After she started expressing her concern for safety at work. the edge The case was also reported.

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Gjøvik collected a great deal of information about her role as “Alerts,” including Twitter messages and emails, on her own. website. She writes jokingly on her Twitter profile that she has “not been fired yet.”

Apple has yet to provide a comprehensive response to the issue, but it did release a brief statement after the #AppleToo initiative first became known.

We are deeply and always deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive work environment. Apple’s statement said that we take all concerns seriously, thoroughly investigate each time a concern is expressed, and respecting the privacy of individuals involved, we do not discuss specific employee-related issues.

Apple is not alone in facing heavy criticism from its employees regarding working conditions. As reported earlier this yearGoogle employees started their own union, among other things with the goal of focusing on discrimination and harassment.

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