Crowds flooded in New York – more than 40 died in severe weather – VG

Crowds flooded in New York - more than 40 died in severe weather - VG

Pictures from New York remind us of scenes from a disastrous movie. People are in the water for life and the water flows in the subway under the city of millions. At the same time, the death toll is rising after the severe weather that hit the eastern parts of the United States.


At least 45 people have died as a result of Hurricane Ida in the United States, according to CNN.

These include a dozen people in New York, at least 23 in neighboring New Jersey, it said state governor and three in Pennsylvania.

Governor Phil Murphy writes on Twitter He is sad to have to report the death toll.

– Most of these dead are people who were trapped in their cars due to flood waters and they were submerged by water.

Among the dead is said to be a two-year-old boy. Reportedly, many of the dead drowned in basement apartments The New York Times.

A state of emergency was declared in the two states after Ida, which hit the southern United States earlier this week, hit the East Coast.

In photos taken the night before Thursday in Norwegian time, you see cars, some filled with water over the hood, that are only left in the middle of an intersection because it was not possible to continue driving after heavy rains turned streets into rivers.

Blocks of water also ran down the stairs to the subway, the transportation system that brings together more than eight million city residents, and forced subway carriages to a standstill.

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Lifesaver: Here, the New York Fire Department helps a woman out of her car in Queens after heavy rain made it impossible to continue driving.

New York must, according to CNN, declared the first state of emergency due to the so-called flash floods. On Wednesday evening, eight centimeters of rain fell in Central Park in one hour, a new record by a clear margin and only emergency services were allowed to travel the streets in the afternoon local time.

Also New Jersey, where more than 100,000 people lost their strength as a result of the storm, according to Washington Post Declare a state of emergency. In Louisiana, where Ida crashed earlier this week, more than 960,000 households are still without power, reports say. CNN.

Hard Roofs: New Yorkers not only had to battle heavy rain, but strong winds as well. Walking dry was absolutely impossible.


Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy Declare a state of emergency. In Lambertville, New Jersey, residents posted photos in Social media Lots of water in the streets and submerged cars.

The storm continued east Wednesday night, and the NWS has confirmed at least one tornado. Numerous photos and videos of wind-damaged homes have been posted on social media, as well as rooftops ripped off buildings in southern New Jersey, near the border with Pennsylvania.

Water has also penetrated homes, and videos posted on social media show how it enters through closed doors, fills basements and stands away from the stairs inside homes.

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I have over 12 inches of water at the bottom of my house and I’m not alone. Unreal, tweets Rob MarcianoHe is a meteorologist on ABC’s Good Morning America.

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