– Can quickly become bingo – VG

- Can quickly become bingo - VG
Ditch it all: Jacob Ingebrigtsen defeated Ethiopia’s Priho Aregawi (back) in the 3000m race in Lausanne on Thursday last week. Earlier this year, he won the 5,000 meters and one mile (1,609 metres) in the Diamond League – and Olympic gold in the 1,500 metres.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen, 20, will earn more than half a million kroner if he wins in a big arena in Zurich’s old town and on the usual track the next day – but he hasn’t decided if he will double.


– We decide when to go down. We can see the weather and the wind. It’s not negative. On the contrary, I was about to say. It can be awesome. We’ll see if that makes sense, Gjert Ingebrigtsen answers questions about Norway Olympic gold medal winner in 1500m She plans to play the Diamond League final in Zurich on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Jacob Ingbrigtsen (of course) qualified and scored for the 5000m final on Wednesday and the 1500m final on Thursday.

The first distance will be on a temporary track in Zurich’s main square, the Sechseläutenplatz tourist attraction, where the city’s opera house is located. The course length is 560 metres, and the non-standard course size is 400 metres. On Thursday evening, the competitions – including the 1,500m – will be carried over into the Diamond League final in front of an expected 20,000 spectators at the Letzigrund Stadium.

The bonus for winning a regular Diamond League tournament is just over 80,000 kroner at today’s exchange rate. In Zurich, it tripled to 260,000.

That is, Jacob Ingbrigtsen would earn a total of 520,000 crowns if he won two races two nights in a row, something he could earn on the basis of The European record set in Florence on June 10 – And of course the 1500 final in Tokyo.

after winning 3000 meters in the Diamond League competition in Lausanne last week He decided to drop the Brussels Diamond League on Friday of this week.

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Olympic gold medalist Carsten Warholm did the same after it turned out that he was Completely empty regarding her flat 400m race in Lausanne last Thursday.

Gjert Ingebrigtsen claims he knows very little about everything about the Zurich event, namely the nature of the arena in terms of pavement, length, short and long turns – and how Jakob Ingebrigtsen and his rivals will relate to lap times on it.

– They can become suspicious of gossip, and people are tired. Gjert Ingebrigtsen says it can quickly become bingo stuff everywhere.

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When asked if he 1500m thinks Jakob Ingbrigtsen would prefer to win in Zurich, if he should choose to start one of two races, the source replied that they hadn’t talked about that at all.

– If 5000 meters turned out to be a beautiful thing, it would be easier to walk 1500 meters (the next day). It doesn’t matter much. It doesn’t matter for anything at all. It’s just a matter of money and prestige. He has an Olympic gold medal. But he does not want to lose, says father and coach Geert Ingbrigtsen.

You may remember his Olympic gold medal run:

He says as he said before Jacob Ingbrigtsen was too far from driving Since the Olympics a month ago. It is believed that it was at 80 to 85 percent of its normal capacity.

– He’s heavy. It should work for her in a completely different way. He hopes he can get back to normal. He says he’s clearly on his way to recovery, considering he’s turned the wheel four times over the past month.

That is, the flight, the big time difference and jet lag to and from Japan in the East, and then the same to the West: Oregon in the United States, where He won this achievement in the Eugene Diamond League Almost a weekend – before heading back to Norway and Switzerland.

This is how Jacob Ingebrigtsen did it on the West Coast of the United States:

– I think he did a very good job. Geert Ingebrigtsen asserts that there was no whining about it, so to speak.

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Immediately after the Zurich race or races, Jakob Ingbrigtsen is expected to start the national championship in Kristiansand from September 10-12, a week before he turns 21. Big brother Philip (28) can do that too, although according to Gjert Ingebrigtsen he is now on pause. Philipp Ingbrigtsen broke the 3000m in Lausanne last week.

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