Apple hires ex-Tesla autopilot chief

Apple hires ex-Tesla autopilot chief

Apple’s “Project Titan” faced a very small setback in developing its self-driving electric car when Ford met its project director right in front of their eyes, but it’s moving forward now if we base that on a hiring strategy.

He was the head of the Autopilot project at Tesla

Bloomberg and 9To5Mac report that Apple has hired Christopher Moore, the former head of Tesla’s autopilot programs for their division, who has been quietly working with self-driving cars. This time Moore will collaborate with Stuart Powers – a man with a history with Tesla.

It sometimes happened during Moore’s stay at Tesla that he went against Tesla President Elon Musk’s predictions of an autopilot. For example, he wrote that Moore publicly expressed his skepticism when Musk came out and said that Tesla could reach Level 5 autonomy with autopilot within two years.

Foxconn can be obtained in the team

Work under the code name “Project Titan” has continued quietly for the past five years, but longer periods have been marked by constant changes in management, goals, and ambitions.

Until 2019, they were solely responsible for the self-driving program, while after this period they began to sniff the idea of ​​developing their own electric car already. In line with this, they opted, for example, to appoint Porsche’s vice president of bodywork, while they were on the market this summer for potential car battery manufacturers for an Apple car.

Interestingly, it has also been reported that Foxconn – the company that assembles iPhones, has shown interest in producing cars. This naturally led to speculation that the Taiwanese company would be involved in the production of Apple cars.

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