Apple’s artificial intelligence project revealed – ITavisen

Apple’s artificial intelligence project revealed – ITavisen

At the same time that more and more information is being leaked about what will be possible in iOS 17, and that Apple will launch a diary app, more is being revealed about health plans.

The Apple Watch could be the first of its kind with the company’s artificial intelligence

The information comes, as usual, from the sources of Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, that Apple will use artificial intelligence technology for the Apple Watch, which is a clear project as long as the artificial intelligence can follow everything you do and create a program that retrieves information about heart rate and activity. level and other health information.

The codename is “Quartz” and its purpose is as mentioned above: the data the watch collects will create a personalized training program, as well as improve sleeping and eating habits. Surely the information will also be presented on the iPhone in a larger interface and possibly an updated health app.

Increases focus on health and finance

It will launch next year, and will require a subscription. Perhaps this is exactly this project that Apple disclosed internally in February? The next health app update will also ask how the user feels. Other information from the same source reveals that the iPad will get a Health app starting with iPadOS 17 (which may not be able to be installed on these iPads.)

In addition to focusing on health, Apple currently has a high-interest savings account in the US in collaboration with JP Morgan in an effort to penetrate industries it doesn’t normally operate in, but is already large enough to significantly increase turnover.

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