Arne Treholt, Frogner | Arne Treholt's “Spy's Nest” is now sold

Arne Treholt, Frogner |  Arne Treholt's “Spy's Nest” is now sold

It was in mid-January Classy apartment in Oscar Gate Placed for sale in Finn in Oslo's embassy area.

The price tag was 35 million at the time, but two months later sales were unsuccessful and the price was reduced by 2.5 million.

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Millions off Treholt's “spy nest.”

Sold for 32.5 crores

It turns out to be brilliant. In the 1980s, Arne Treholt lived in the apartment with his family. The apartment is a stone's throw away from the Prime Minister's residence.

– I can confirm that the apartment was sold for NOK 32.5 million, broker Christian Bull tells Netavision.

– What can you say about the seller and the buyer?

– From what I can tell, both parties are very satisfied.

He previously said the apartment's “celebrity stamp” had nothing positive or negative to say about interest.

– We think this is inappropriate. It's a very nice apartment with many unusual qualities, Bull told Netavisen in March.


In this apartment, Treholt was subjected to massive surveillance. In 1985, Treholt was accused of spying for the benefit of the Soviet Union. He resisted conviction until his death in February 2023.

In the Finn ad, there is little mention of the apartment's history, other than that it is described as a home “a little out of the ordinary” in terms of standards.

– How much does it take to sell homes in this price range right now?

– This shows that it is possible, but you need to be a little more patient, answers Bull.

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This is how they monitored the apartment

For a year and a half, spy hunters from the Police Surveillance Service (POT) followed Treholt's movements in the apartment, in what turned out to be large-scale surveillance.

Scouts from POT moved into the apartment above Treholt's, as mentioned in NRK's ​​podcast. “The Spy Trehold”.

It describes how police spies, working with the CIA, drilled small holes between two apartments so they could video-monitor Treholt and his family.

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