Ex-wife sued outgoing Supreme Court judge Skokoi

Ex-wife sued outgoing Supreme Court judge Skokoi

Natalia Skokoi is suing her ex-husband, Supreme Court Justice Jens Edwin Andreasen Skokoi, following allegations of poisoning.

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Last December, Jens Edwin Andreasen Skokoi publicly accused his ex-wife Natalia Skokoi of poisoning him. After investigating the case, the police kept it as evidence.

She has always denied that she was poisoned.

– She said in an interview to VG that I did not try to poison my husband.

Now she is filing a lawsuit against her ex-husband, law firm Danielson & Co. reports in a press release.

– Former Supreme Court Justice Jens Edwin Skokoi is being arraigned today, says attorney Linda Teresa Karlberg.

He is calling a press conference later on Monday.

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Lawsuit announced: Natalia Skokoi – here with her lawyer Linnea Teresa Karlberg – has announced a lawsuit against her ex-husband Jens Edwin Andreasen Skokoi.

– Jens Edvin Skoghøy has accused in the media that his ex-wife poisoned him and had financial motives for poisoning him. The allegations have been circulating in several national media outlets for a long time, attorney Linnea Teresa Garlberg said when the notice was served in early March.

The background of the case is defamation.

Skoghøy has previously told VG that he has no plans to hire a lawyer. If he has to meet his ex-wife in court, he wants to represent himself.

When he responded to the lawsuit notice from Natalia Skokoi and Danielson & Co., he made it clear that he was rejecting compensation.

– It is clear that the intention is to hurt me in an attempt to force me to pay more, but I am not easily intimidated, he said.

In April, it was announced that Jens Edwin Andreasen Skokoi (68) would resign as a Supreme Court judge.

The Supreme Court held that NOK 3.6 million would be paid as a lump sum before Skoghøy tax.

This means that leaving the job before the retirement age will not result in financial loss for him.

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