Asks for regional action in Bergen and several municipalities – VG

Asks for regional action in Bergen and several municipalities - VG
Bergen was among those asked at today’s press conference to be included in the regional measures put forward by the government.

Hels Bergen said they are currently under a lot of pressure. The state administrator is now asking twelve municipalities for regional action in their catchment area.


Western Norway State Administrator Hels Bergen is asking the government to introduce regional measures in the twelve municipalities in the catchment area.

The municipalities in question are Alver, Askoi, Ostevol, Astrim, Bergen, Bijnorfjorden, Guam, Osteroi, Somnacher, Vauxhall, Vos and Oygarden. They demand the following actions:

  • It is mandatory to wear masks if you can not keep distance from home in public place and on public transport.
  • The employer must ensure that employees are able to do their job as much as possible without the risk of infection in the workplace or on overseas trips.
  • Restriction on participants in personal events.
  • Duty to book guests at restaurants.
  • Isolation duty until the result of a negative test, for school-age children who are in close contact – regardless of vaccination status.

I urge more municipalities to follow suit

The epidemic is on the rise in western Norway and 252 new cases were reported on Thursday. They are described in Hawkland Very stressful situation There is high demand and full bedrooms. Of the health trusts in the region, 40 are currently suffering from corona and have been hospitalized. At Hawkland University Hospital, they have already reduced surgery by 20 percent.

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The state administrator believes these measures are necessary to control the epidemic and ensure that municipalities and hospitals provide vital services.

– We have a burdensome health belief and have plenty of infections, so activities are natural. Since Tuesday, it has been introduced that we must register with the State Administrator the actions for the Director of Health. So, we’ve been meeting with our municipalities since early this morning, but the draft rules will take some time. So we hope to get approval for it tomorrow, ”said Gunnar Herit, state administrator in Western Norway, who told VG on Thursday night.

In addition, the state administrator recommends that many municipalities closely follow the epidemic situation and evaluate the need for strengthened recommendations and measures. This advice applies to the following municipalities: Eidfjord, Fedje, Gulen, Masfjorden, Modalen and Ulvik.

Regional activities for municipalities in eastern Norway

Earlier Thursday, the store will present the government Many regional activities To several municipalities in Oslo and eastern Norway. There are several municipalities in eastern Norway Asked to be included in regional activities.

Regional activities – to be introduced from midnight – currently apply to the following municipalities:

Oslo, Oscar, Baram and Ahus catchment areas: Crew, Kongswinger, Nord-Odel, Sor-Odell, Eitscock, Hurdle, Nannestod, Wollensecker, Gertram, Ness, Lorenzko, Nesko, Nesko, Aur , Frogn, Nittedal and Eidsvoll.

They have the following regional activities:

  • It is mandatory to use masks in shops, malls, restaurants, public transport, indoor areas and taxis if you cannot keep a distance of at least one meter. The obligation to wear a mask does not apply to children under 12 or those who are unable to wear a mask for medical or other reasons. It is recommended to wear a mask where there are more people and it is difficult to keep your distance, for example, you are going to pick up your jacket after an event or the way out of a football field when there are many people.
  • Home offices should ensure that employees work from home throughout the week or part of the workplace, where possible, without compromising vital and essential services. For example, employees can do this by working half the time from home.
  • Number controls for individual indoor events up to 100 people in a public place or on rent / borrowed premises.
  • Restaurants and organizers are required to register guests to notify guests in the event of an infection.
  • Requirements for alcohol table service for restaurants and events licensed to serve alcohol
  • All guests must have seats in liquor licensed restaurants
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Correction: In an earlier version of this case, it was the State Administrator in Westfold. The right thing is, of course, the state administrator of Western Norway. It was changed on 02.12.2021 at 22.03.

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