Autumn is approaching, and soon it will be time for a new mask to reign

Autumn is approaching, and soon it will be time for a new mask to reign

No one should think that healthy tyrants have given up. on the contrary. Now headlines like this one come in (here in The Independent): Scientists have warned that a new wave of Covid has begun and masks must be worn again.

newspaper wrote:

Experts have warned that it is “reasonably certain” that the UK is in the midst of a new wave of Covid-19 – and have suggested people should wear face masks again.

Hospital admissions for coronavirus have risen in recent weeks, just as the effectiveness of vaccines has waned, a new strain has emerged and ministers have decided not to offer Covid boosters to nearly 12 million Britons this winter.

“Without increased surveillance, and in the face of weakened immunity, we head into winter even more weakened and with our flash back on,” warned Independence Party MP Christina Pagel. Scientific advisory group for emergencies Which gives advice about the virus.

wrote recently Watchman: The World Health Organization declares the ‘Eris’ Covid strain a different kind of concern as cases rise globally.

And you can easily verify that mask advertising is on its way again at a price Simple search.

So Christina Pagel and many like her are entering the realm of masks once again. And despite the fact that high-quality scientific studies, randomized controlled trials (RCTs), say otherwise: Masks make little or no difference when it comes to controlling the spread of influenza, SARS-CoV-2 or RSV.

in May 2020 CDC summary (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Data from 14 randomized trials showed no significant benefit of masks in reducing transmission of influenza. One analysis of nine studies conducted by Cochrane, an organization that conducts large reviews of health interventions, reached similar conclusions in November 2020. Mask Studies for Prevention cold And rsv It also had negative consequences.

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published last winter, among others The New York TimesAnd Washington PostAnd The Wall Street Journal And Atlantic Articles on the same topic. According to their advice, we should be wearing masks again to prevent the seasonal spread of influenza, RSV, Covid-19 and the common cold. This appears to be an annual event, as do these included commands after the holidays on a person schoolsAnd colleges And in another place Where these articles are actively encouraged.

Finnish study: Masks had no effect on the incidence of coronavirus among children

Face masks affect young children’s language development and social skills

Britain is notorious for the state’s false intimidation campaigns to get people to obey its dictates:

People in the UK have been manipulated into accepting more lockdown

Never mind that science is unable to document any beneficial effects of using masks. Masks have proven to be a very good tool for group manipulation, alienation, control and subjugation. So why would our rulers leave it because it has no health value?

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