Baidu is challenging ChatGPT’s dominance: – A chance that happens less than once per decade

Baidu is challenging ChatGPT’s dominance: – A chance that happens less than once per decade

Seven months have passed since the surprise release of the Chat GPT language robot by the US company Open AI. In March, an upgraded Chat GPT payment model was launched. Developers have been given access to the underlying technology for use in their own products and the company works closely with Microsoft.

Competitors like Alphabet and Meta, which owns Google and Facebook, have been surprised by how far the Open AI startup has come. Google has since launched a competing artificial intelligence (AI) service and is in the process of integrating the functionality into its solutions and products.

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Large Chinese companies are afraid of being left behind. They unleashed solutions that were in beta and acquired startups.

We’ve all heard that the starting shot goes. All technology companies, big or small, stand on the same starting line and a common beginning. China is still three years behind the United States, but we may not need three years to catch up, Chinese internet entrepreneur Wang Xiaochuan tells Bloomberg.

Wang sold search service Sogou to technology company Tencent in 2021 for approximately NOK 40 billion. After launching Chat GPT, he decided to become an entrepreneur again and set up Baichuan, which has already developed open software solutions used by Chinese universities.

In the United States, agreements worth $26.6 billion in artificial intelligence have been signed so far this year, according to consulting firm Preqin. In China, about four billion dollars.

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– This is an opportunity that occurs less than once per decade. Wang says startups are getting a chance to compete with giants.

Challenger beats GPT chat

In China, Baidu is one of these giants. The company enjoys the same position in the Chinese market that Google has in Western markets. Baidu has been testing the Ernie Bot language robot since March. Baidu’s share price has risen more than 20 percent on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange this year

The new version is said to have surpassed Chat GPT 4 in many unified areas, including entrance examinations for universities in China. Microsoft has developed several standardized evaluation models for artificial intelligence, including the English model AGIEval and chinese C-Eval.

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– Just three months after we launched the beta version, it showed significant improvements in efficiency, functionality and performance. These improvements are evident in creative language, questions and answers, reasoning, programming code, and overall performance, Haifeng Wang, Baidu’s chief technology officer, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Tencent have launched AI models that are currently being tested.

arms race

US companies enjoy a number of benefits, including access to huge, open databases.

— China’s censorship system will give GPT-like services to Chinese chats a significant hurdle compared to US competitors, Xiaoming Lu, director of analytics firm Eurasia Group, tells Bloomberg.

Chinese companies also don’t have access to more advanced data processors, including Nvidia’s A100 series. The US authorities lifted the export ban. This is expected to be extended over the next few weeks, making it even more difficult for Chinese companies.

There is an AI arms race in both the US and China. Chinese companies face a tougher regulatory landscape around AI. It means one hand is tied behind their backs in this “Game of Thrones” battle, senior analyst Daniel Ives at Wedbush Securities tells the news agency.

The brokerage firm believes that artificial intelligence will represent $800 billion in market opportunities in the next decade.

– We’re in phase one, Ives tells Bloomberg.

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