Color line: – Left on ground

Color line: – Left on ground

On June 6, Rauland Advocaten sent a compensation payment of NOK 37,000 to Color Line. They say Color Line left one of its passengers from Oslo, Germany, after problems with ID and identification.

On behalf of its client, the law firm alleges that Color Line employees made strong characterizations of passengers.

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They write that she was given an “unsubstantiated refusal to ship” and that the keys, PC and clothes were left unaltered in a cave in the keel. These were left in the cabin.

It happened on May 24 on the package trip “Color Magic” from Oslo to Kiel.

– They just left. The passenger says he took a 22-hour bus ride instead Daily newspaper.

Receipts seen by Dagbladet show an extensive trip back to Norway. The woman had to go to a hotel in Kiel. Then went by train to Hamburg and from there by bus to Oslo.

Argument about social security number

The woman and her lawyer say the problem may have arisen because the trip was booked with her sole proprietor. He used the “autofill” function while ordering, which automatically fills in personal details.

But there was nothing to indicate that anything was amiss when she boarded Norway or disembarked from the boat at Gail. His lawyer pointed this out in the demand letter for Color Line.

It was only when she got back on the hinge that the confusion came.

He should have asked to identify himself and change the name in the order, the lawyer said in the letter.

A disagreement arose over a Social Security number and ID, and a Color Line employee reportedly was not satisfied with the explanation. The situation escalated and eventually the woman was banned from shipping.

When he showed the identification, he received very strong characterizations based on his person, the lawyer says in the letter.

– The woman says that there is no reason for them to put me on shore.

– Travel at designated time

Color Line responds that they distance themselves from what they perceive to be misrepresentations of the situation and the actions of their employees.

The shipping company points out that foreign boats are required to verify identity documents and passengers must provide correct information.

– In the case in question, the passenger provided incorrect personal information, so Color Line relies on correcting these before boarding the Kail, Color Line’s managing director Erik Breinhildsbakken writes in an email to Dagbladet.

– If there is a problem with identification, will your passengers be left in another country without luggage?

– The situation of the passenger in question is still unclear, Breinhildsbakken said, adding that the ship was on its way.

They asked the police

Before she was left on the keel, the police and the ship’s management had to be involved.

According to the lawyer, the woman should have filmed the session, which she was told was forbidden. Another guard grabbed the phone from his hands and deleted the recording, the letter said.

It was the woman who told her to call the police, and the police came, she says.

Responds to follow-up

– Would you have done anything differently in this case?

– I realize I definitely should have double-checked the ticket, but since the gift card was used a few hours before departure, things went a little too fast around the corners. Of course, I take responsibility for that, but I believe Color Line should take its responsibility at check-in and check-out, he says.

The passenger, who responded to Color Line’s follow-up after that, said he had received no information about alternative travel plans or where he could spend the night.

– is wrongly stated

– Does something like this happen often?

– Just as police assistance is rarely required at check-in, here too the Color Line Director responds when the passenger is offered to correct her incorrect information.

– Why did she have problems with this in Germany, while climbing without any problems in Norway?

– Breinhildsbaken replied that for trips to Norway, not to Norway or to Germany, the ID check should be done on behalf of the Norwegian authorities at the foreign port.

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