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From recruitment to permanent job: 16 years After 16 years as a temporary employee, he started a permanent job at Skanska on Monday.

Staffing agency Adecco is fighting the government’s introduction of a hiring ban, and used recruiter Piotr as an example of someone who would be affected. But now he has a permanent job with a contractor – the first in 16 years.

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– A happy day, I have been waiting for a long time, says Polish Piotr Wawrzyniak.

The 53-year-old worked for staffing firm Adecco, which has hired contractors in Norway for 16 years.

But it will end. The Støre government will ban the use of leases in the construction industry in the Oslo area from the new year.

Adecco is a giant in the staffing agency industry and is fighting hard.

In their campaign against the new law, they used Piotr as an example.

On two occasions on the company’s website, they write, among other things:

Camp: In two articles on Adecco’s website where they talk about the dangers of banning rent, Piotr Wawrzyniak makes both cases.

“Pyotr spent 16 years on welfare in Norway – now he’s being sent home”.

“At best, Piotr finds a new job with poor conditions in a foreign company, and at worst, he and his 600 colleagues lose both their jobs, collective agreement and AFP pension,” Adecco writes.

– There was another option they didn’t mention. Also, you can get a permanent job directly with one of the contractors, which offers better pay and safer work, Piotr says.

– I saw how good he was

On Monday, he left a rented career after 16 years to start working as a carpenter at Skanska, one of the biggest companies in the construction industry.

He earns the same hourly wage, but the salary structure pays him more overall.

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– That’s right. Then it provides security to get a permanent job in one company instead of one company after another.

He chose the recently leased Skanska. Or they chose him:

– Piotr worked with us as a contract worker for a long time and I saw how good he is. That’s why I took the initiative to hire him, says Skanska boss Risto Valkonen.

Two happy men: Rødt chairman Bjørnar Moxnes has been campaigning for a rent ban for five years. He congratulated long-term temporary worker Piotr Wawrzyniak on his work.

We meet them at Government Quarters, where the company is engaged to deliver a new platform to the government in a few years.

– I am very grateful and look forward to working with Skanska and Risto, says Piotr.

He goes home to Poland one or two weekends a month. Norway’s working life meant he was able to build a house downstairs.

Now with permanent jobs, they plan to move to Norway.

– Now the wife can come to Norway. Our youngest daughter will soon finish high school in Poland. If that happens, my wife can come here. We look forward to establishing ourselves in Norway.

– Bad

He is currently renting from a family in Høvik.

– Did you stand by Adecco in the fight against the ban?

– I didn’t keep my hand on the wheel, it was somewhat exaggerated.

He didn’t want to belittle Adekko.

– No, I had a decent working environment there for many years. But permanent job is better than renting.

Pjotr ​​says he joined the company at a time when contracts were better than today.

– I’ve always received waiting pay between jobs on the rare occasion of being out of work. But contracts today are bad, where you get 50 or 60 percent of what you hire. When you reach that level, the company doesn’t give you much work.

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SUPER EXPERIENCE: Risto Valkonen (left) at Skanska is delighted to have bagged a new worker. Finn has been involved for a long time. – I have been working for Skanska for 44 years, he says in easy-to-understand Norwegian, with a slight Finnish accent.

– Happy story

– It’s a happy story that is in stark contrast to the picture painted by Adecco and the HR department. Even before the ban came into effect, contractors were hiring rather than hiring. Rødt chairman Bjørnar Moxnes, who put forward the proposal for the rent ban five years ago, says it’s a big win.

– As I heard, many companies now hire temporary employees – purely according to the plan. It is about job security for working people in Norway, he uses the following image:

– Today, many people stand with their hats in their hands – or more specifically, their mobile phones: they always have them in their hands, anxious to see if they will receive a phone call that they have been offered a task.

A hiring ban in the construction sector in the Oslo area is planned to be introduced from the new year, but it is still uncertain what the transition rules will be; It is published for consultation.

– President Rødt says that the hiring ban in the construction sector applies to the whole country and that we will continue to fight for it to be introduced in other emerging industries as well.

In the heat: Piotr Wawrzyniak enters the workplace in the government quarter, which allows him to overcome the barrier.

He delivers the following message to Adecco:

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– The article they use Piotr is absolutely terrifying. They are more concerned about their own earnings than the employed.

– Has trouble understanding

Erling Kornkwein, Managing Director at Adecco, said, “We are very happy that Piotr, who has been a permanent employee and has put a lot of effort into Adecco for 16 years, has found a job with a Norwegian contractor with a collective agreement. , among other things, pension accumulation at AFP”.

– The challenge is that Adecco still has several hundred permanent employees under a collective agreement who could lose their jobs with the government’s proposal. In total, about 3,000 man-years in the workforce have been affected by the ban, and according to the government, we still have problems understanding that it is better to be employed by a contractor on a temporary basis than on a permanent basis. Personnel Company.

Transition: Erling Kornkwein, managing director at Adecco, hopes the government will return, but if they don’t, he’s asking for good interim arrangements.

He says the government’s proposal will provoke alternative solutions and “libertarians”.

– It is worse than organized labor industry with permanent employees, shop workers and collective agreements.

– Avoid mass layoffs

He has long hoped the government would change its mind. But if they stand by the proposal, he asks for time.

– Interim arrangements should be made which give the persons concerned the opportunity to find alternatives and avoid mass redundancies in the personnel sector in the coming months.

He adds:

– Poor implementation of the proposal and a short transitional arrangement, Norway will lose much-needed capacity, and alternative solutions can be established, as we see in the transport sector, for example, not necessarily with foreign players first, wages and working conditions.

getting ready

Audun Brandt Lågøyr, managing director at Skanska Norge, says that they have been working on increasing the core workforce in the company for the last two years since before the change of government, and will continue to do so in the future.

– The ban on subletting could affect many of our suppliers and create challenges in many projects, he says.

Labor and Inclusion Minister Marte Mjøs Persen (Ap) says this is what the ministry will achieve:

– This is a good example of how the tightening of tenancy rules should work. Persson says the aim is to have more permanent workers in direct bilateral relations rather than temporary employment, and to have temporary workers find permanent and direct jobs in manufacturing firms.

– I completely agree with Piotr, a permanent job is better than renting. Our proposals aim to create a safer working life and ensure that working people have more power in their everyday lives, contributing to strengthening the active, orderly working life that characterizes Norway.

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