Laila warns of import infection

Laila warns of import infection

Laila Beckley was hired Svinesund International Testing Center He says they do not test anyone at the border. Recently, he feared that the control of the imported epidemic would be even worse, but now the authorities have turned it upside down.

“I think the current situation is frightening considering the zero spread over the Norwegian import epidemic – or control – at the same time, not at airports or border crossings, the spread of the epidemic is very, very fast.”

Statistics from Halton Municipality show that 378 people have tested themselves at the test center in the past three weeks. At most, at 31 weeks, 17,000 people were tested at the test center in one week.

– We don’t have to do anything, especially at night. Only one car passed the checkpoint on the shift last night. Border commuters are good at following border testing, but apart from them, it’s completely coincidental if anyone passes the test station on a trip to Norway.

Bekkely is a trained health secretary and has worked at the Svinesund testing center since August 2020. He is particularly concerned about everyone who travels to Norway in connection with Christmas and New Year.

– There are many thousands of Norwegians who are not vaccinated or at risk for medical reasons, so it is very scary with imported infections.

SVINESUND: Svinesund is here this summer. Photo: Nina Hanson / Doppleted
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The officers returned

Recently, Beckley feared he would not soon be able to test himself at the border. Veronica Yes, director of health and management at Halton Municipality, told DocPlade that the test center began closing a few weeks ago, indicating layoffs.

– Only a few dozen people are now being tested at the testing center in Swinseund compared to the previous thousands, he continues to say yes to Docbladet:

– We started closing the exam center a few weeks ago as we did not need a large number of staff and we did not have clear indications that we should maintain such a high test capacity.

But officials returned Monday.

– However this week on Monday we were informed that the government will guarantee more operations in 2021 and 2022, so we say we have started to increase capacity again at the testing center and continue:

– Many employees who have been laid off will be offered new employment. We understand that this is a difficult situation where you can never fully understand the purpose of the job or how long the test center will continue to operate.

Yes it emphasizes that the liquidation was implemented as a precautionary measure.

– Halton Municipality is not at risk of having such large service costs remaining.

Row: This is how the border crossings at Swinsund were this summer.  Photo: Nina Hanson / Doppleted

Row: This is how the border crossings at Swinsund were this summer. Photo: Nina Hanson / Doppleted
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Entrance registration

Dagbladet asked Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Naxstad what Norwegian authorities are doing to track down those who need to be tested or isolated after arriving in Norway.

– Everyone on duty and isolation duty must register at the entry register, and everyone who registers at the entry register will receive an SMS from the National Control Center with information about what duties you must perform when you arrive in Norway. Nakstad to Dagbladet says municipalities can also access data from the entry register and be followed by followers.

Directorate of Safety and Emergency Preparation (DSB) Statistics A maximum of 19,508 people are registered in the daily entry register. It was the 31st week. By comparison, 1313 people registered daily in the entry register at week 43.

More shows DSPs height At most, 10,100 people came to isolated hotels per week. It was the 22nd week. By comparison, in the 43rd week, 200 people came to isolated hotels.

Tordentale: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad made clear calls to the public to reduce the epidemic.
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These are the current ones Rules And Exceptions The reason is that fewer people are testing themselves at the border than ever before. Norway should have the ability to test all entrants with a test duty, but since there are many exceptions to the test duty, some will test themselves.

Nuxstat opens up that it may be necessary for more people to have a test duty. Health and Maintenance Services Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor) says the government is ready for austerity measures and promotions.

– We closely follow the situation in Norway and internationally. At the end of October, the government decided to continue the current entry process until further notice. “If the situation worsens and infection control authorities recommend action, we are prepared to intensify and increase the measures,” Kjerkol wrote in a statement to Dagbladet.


Nakstad hopes the FHI will answer questions about the risk of import infection, but says:

– The Norwegian Directorate of Health believes that any imported infection leading to local outbreaks can cause stress for municipalities to deal with. Nevertheless, with such a large proportion of the population being vaccinated, the impact of the imported epidemic may not be as great now. We tolerate more infections than we had six months ago.

Director Camila Stoltenberg said recently Dagbladet Authorities are now reviewing the chain of border regulations to see what has been done to reduce the risk of new wave import infection.

– We see the spread of the epidemic in places where there are large numbers of guest workers from abroad, such as winter fishing in northern Norway, and we know the epidemic is increasing in other countries, so this is important. Now look, she continued:

– But it is very difficult to estimate. This is because while some are being tested across borders and some are testing themselves, it is difficult to get an overview of import infections.

Corona: Health Minister Invild Kerkol (Labor) believes that municipalities with infections should not hesitate to implement local measures. Photo: NDP
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Laila Beckley, at the Svinesund International Test Center, talks about the current state of the testing center and how it compares when it was so busy.

– At that time we tested several thousand people a day and now we test almost zero. When Erna Solberg reopened the country, we went from testing a thousand people a day to zero overnight, says Beckley:

– People need to know that it is up to each of us to protect ourselves because there is no one who can do it for us. Currently, anyone is at risk of infection.

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