Eyvind Hellstrøm and Anita Rennan have a special legacy

Eyvind Hellstrøm and Anita Rennan have a special legacy

All of Norway’s chefs Eiwind Hellstrom (73) and his girlfriend Anita Rennan (42) have a special tradition before the Christmas lull descends.

The couple both work and live together, and this year they won the cookbook for the third year in a row.

Opposite Television 2 Could Rennan be saying that a successful collaboration can come from them complementing each other well and being creative in their own ways?

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In the interview, the couple also seems to prioritize nurturing their love. Every year they travel together to Paris – also known as the city of love.

Here they get valuable inspiration in the field of cooking.

– I’ll show her my world

– I love Paris because I have both worked and lived there for many years. In addition, I love the Parisians because they are like us, but have a completely different way of thinking, mentality and lifestyle, Hellström tells TV 2, explaining that, for example, Parisians wake up early in the morning and eat a good lunch.

However, while her boyfriend finds inspiration in the culinary side of Paris, Rennan says she finds inspiration in, among other things, the “vibes” the city has to offer.

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Often they get stuck in the city on both sides and have to call each other to ask where they are. The interview reveals that it is important for the couple to put their interests ahead of the other.

– You often say that being with me is serious sport, and you must always have a good appetite, says the cook.

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– Big love

It was during the 2018 Kulrutten Awards ceremony that Hellstrom was able to proudly show off his girlfriend, who is 31 years younger than him. It was later revealed that they had already been a couple for some time before the public became aware of it.

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Helltrøm and Rennan take good care of their privacy, but a few years ago the former loosened the veil a bit about his girlfriend. He did it on the podcast.”Truls & Hellstrøm».

In the episode, the chef referred to Rennan as “the love of his life”.

– There is nothing better in life than when you finally experience the best love. It took me a long time. But it’s over for good, he said at the time.

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