“Bamsecut”: – Probably coming next week

“Bamsecut”: – Probably coming next week

– I want to believe that he will come home next week, he says.

An anonymous donor said he wanted to advance money for plane tickets for the entire family, Strom says.

– Jan-Egil really appreciates it. The lawyer says he struggled for a long time to get home.

They estimate that the flight tickets will cost the family between 30 and 50 thousand.

Granfoss lives in the Philippines and has been trying to get home to Norway for a long time.

Strom says there’s still a piece of work to be done to get Granfoss and his family a place to live.

– We Norwegians take it for granted, says Ström, which is not the case for people living in other countries in difficult situations.

No word on who the anonymous donor was or why they put forward the money.

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