Batteries – This is how long the batteries in used electric cars last

Batteries – This is how long the batteries in used electric cars last

(Al Bell 24): The American company Frequent cars It performs analyzes of electric vehicle batteries to see how much the batteries wear out over time.

In its latest report, Recurrent comes with an analysis consisting of up to 20,000 electric vehicles.

The electric cars included in the survey are up to 14 years old.

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Warranty or recall

In a recurring report, published by Swedish Tommel carIt is reported that only 2.5 percent of electric cars need to change the battery. This corresponds to 500 cars which are basically the oldest cars.

Of electric cars dating back to 2015 or older, 13% had their batteries replaced, but the most interesting finding is:

Among electric cars from 2016 or later, only 1% needed a battery change. The warranty also covers most battery replacements or as a result of a manufacturer recall. In other words, the cost does not fall on the owner.

In collaboration with battery company StoreDot, Polestar is working to reduce the time it takes to charge.
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Three conclusions

Recurrent collected the results from its analysis and came to three conclusions:

  • The highest percentage of electric cars that need to replace batteries belong to the first generation electric cars. Electric cars that are now 14 years old.
  • As battery management and thermal management systems improve, we should see better battery life and fewer replacements – even more than a decade later.
  • The average battery size increased by 122 percent from 2915 to 2022. This means that newer electric car batteries can withstand losing more of their capacity before they need to be replaced.
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Development can be monitored

Recurrent has the opportunity to regularly follow the development of batteries for 20,000 electric cars in the test garage. They report that battery degradation follows an S curve.

This means a significant decrease in the first years before the batteries stabilize. Then – and after a long time – the batteries will deteriorate significantly towards the end of their service life.

But don't despair; According to Recurrent, the batteries will last beyond any warranty. Most electric car manufacturers today operate with a battery warranty of 8 years or 200,000 km, whichever comes first.

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