– Battle against time – VG

- Battle against time - VG
You Have Problems: Philip Ingbrigtsen, here during a conference in Bislet earlier this year.

Jacob Ingbrigtsen, 21, traveled across the Atlantic with his older brother Henrik, 31, to make final preparations at the height of the World Cup in Eugene, USA. But it is uncertain whether Philip Ingbrigtsen will join them (29).


Because after 29 years He broke the 5000m race in Bislet on Thursday night with an Achilles tendon injuryHe decided with the head of the IAAF’s top sports, Erlind Slovic, that a trip to the heights of the United States was not out of the question.

– He postponed the trip to Flagstaff. He was due to leave on Friday, Slokvik told VG and adds that Henrik and Jakob Ingebrigtsen left three days ago.

– That’s the decision we made the evening after the Bislet games. I booked for his trip right away.

Very challenging: For Filip Ingebrigtsen number three from the left in this photo.

Part of the recipe for success

Flagstaff in Arizona is where the three brothers have trained to run for many years at just over 2,000 metres. Either as part of preparations for the season or this time towards the championship.

Last week before the IAAF World Championships, Philip and Jacob Ingbrigtsen moved to the Federation’s Lowland location in Berkeley, California.

For the Ingebrigtsen part, it’s all about being in the best shape possible until July 16th. The men’s 1500m trial will then be held at the Athletics Stadium in Eugene.

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Battle against time

NRK athletics commentator Jann Post stated that Filip Ingebrigtsen has had trouble with many things over a long period of time.

– But now he’s on his way, and his body has worked a little bit over time. Then this Achilles problem arises. With four weeks left until the World Cup, you’re counting on good training. You need to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. So it pays to be where you get the best treatment possible, he says and continues:

Everyone understands that if he doesn’t train well too soon, there’s less chance that he’s at his best when that comes around. He’s in a hurry and it’s a match against time.

Sports Comment: At NRK, Jan Post, pictured here last year in connection with a book publication.

Now parts of the optimum charge have failed, and Post estimates as follows:

All top athletes will follow Plan A. When it doesn’t work, they should move on to the next plans. In this sense, it is not optimal. But there are many who have done well in championships by taking the zigzag road as well.

Slokvik, the top sporting director, says they are now waiting for a message from the medical staff, on VG’s question about when they think Ingebrigtsen will join the brothers in the US.

– Could it be that he didn’t go at all?

– We don’t know yet. We’ll have to take it eventually. We’ll see how it goes during the week, says Slokvik.

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TOP SPORTS MANAGER: In the IAAF, Erlend Slokvik.

– This is very painful

Philip Ingbrigtsen said on Thursday, shortly after he broke the race in Bislet, that there had been talk of an Achilles tendon injury.

– This is very painful. He told VG that it was so painful that there wasn’t much to get it.

Ingebrigtsen believed, among other things, that the use of studded shoes was still very unusual and triggered the pain he was experiencing. He wasn’t worried, but he was aware that such pain was not optimal shortly before the World Cup in the United States.

– He concluded that he should train a bit instead at the same time as he receives the traditional treatment of a hock liter. Slokvik says he is undergoing treatment and is almost in training.

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