December 4, 2022


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Carasent's new manager has a satisfied customer background

Carasent’s new manager has a satisfied customer background


Daniel Aumann sees room for significant growth in the future.

SaaS Carasent provided strong numbers for the first quarter. Meanwhile, chief executive officer Dennis Hoeger has chosen to resign after leading the company through the pandemic.

Now the heir is ready. Daniel Umann is currently the President of Swedish GHP Specialty Care, a Swedish health company he has worked for since 2006 and has served as Senior Director since 2013.

During this time he led the company through financial and geographical expansion. He has experience of developing companies in the UK, Czech Republic, Middle East, Denmark and Norway. Under Uman’s leadership, GHP Specialty Care’s value increased from MSEK 370 to MSEK 2,450, revenue doubled and EBITDA increased from MSEK 50 to MSEK 200.

Uman has also played a significant role in the development of GHP Solutions, a business area in which healthcare is offered as a joint solution and is constantly being improved through the use of comprehensive data analysis.

We are pleased to welcome Daniel to Carasent. He has done an amazing job building GHP Specialty Care over the past nine years. His knowledge and industry experience with both organic and international growth fit well with Carasent’s ambitions for the future. We are confident that this change will benefit our customers, employees and investors,” says Chairman Johan Lindqvist.

He wanted to return to the world of technology

Uman was an entrepreneur in his own company and had a technological education background as an engineer from Chalmers University of Sweden.

– I’ve wanted to get back into the tech world for a long time, to shifter.

He has worked in the healthcare system for 16 years and is well aware of the structural challenges in the sector.

We have to get more efficient and work more digitally, and then we need a good platform, he says. – As a former customer, I know Carasent has the best in the North Market, so I think it’s exciting to lead the company forward.

This is Karasant

  • Carasent ASA was founded in 1997. In the spring of 2018, Carasent acquired Evimeria EMR AB, a Swedish company that offers a cloud-based electronic recording system (EHR).
  • Since then, Carasent has made three more acquisitions that have added new products to the portfolio and new customer segments to its customer roster. Carasent’s primary products are cloud-based electronic health record services and an ecosystem of platform solutions, including patient communications and business analytics solutions.
  • Carasent’s strategy is to develop and expand digitization that enables clients to provide comprehensive, efficient and high-quality services.

According to him, Carasent has only a small segment of the market today and has room for significant growth in many countries in the future.

SaaS companies have fallen a lot on the stock market in the past year. Have you thought about the development and timing of entering the industry?

The fluctuations in valuations have to be taken roughly company by company. Carasent’s position is based on having the most powerful product, in my opinion. Many old and outdated systems are used in Nordic health systems today, meanwhile a lot of work is being done to find the right digital solutions. It’s a little slow due to regulations, but it’s coming.

As a leader, he points out the importance of helping employees grow and take responsibility.

You get more power from an organization when everyone dares to take responsibility rather than the boss himself pulling everyone else after him, he says.

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