be the time | Gray and sad for Jæren, but the meteorologist offers little solace

be the time |  Gray and sad for Jæren, but the meteorologist offers little solace

Gray autumn weather does not disappear immediately.

At the time of writing it has been spotted, but last night it fell somewhere between 25 and 40 mm of rain over Jæren.

It rained a lot last night. Now the weather will be lighter for the rest of the day, cloudy or partly cloudy, mostly at home, before rain is expected again tonight, meteorologist Steinar Skare tells Jærbladet on the job.

The wind blows on the southwest breeze. In the evening, a fresh breeze is expected again, at least on the coast.

Fresh breezes are expected to last most of Thursday. Rain is also expected.

— But in the afternoon the weather seems a little lighter, says Skir.

On Thursday, meteorologists expect 50 to 100 mm of rain in the northern parts of Rogaland and the southern parts of western Norway. The Norwegian Directorate of Water Resources and Energy has also issued a yellow flood warning for municipalities as far south as Sandnes. It wouldn’t be that bad in Jæren.

—25 to 40mm is suggested here, but mostly when you come in a bit of fall, says Skare.

On Friday and Saturday, the wind direction is expected from the south, and the weather will be cloudy with periods of rain.

It’s possible that Jærbladet would choose to hear things out loud for a meteorologist who isn’t really there, but it sounds as if he’s using a slightly relaxed tone when he adds:

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– But the temperatures are good then. It will be about ten to twelve degrees.

– It’s real autumn now. When can one ever expect really good weather again?

– It doesn’t look up until next Wednesday. He is far ahead of us. There will still be periods of rain. Every day before next Wednesday it rains. But it will still be kind of fair weather. If the temperature is not ten to twelve degrees, it may be between six and ten degrees.

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