During the fall, 16 participants in eight pairs competed for the title of the first Norwegians in the LEGO Masters. In the final, there were three teams remaining, who were given the task of building what they wanted in 25 hours – the biggest task the participants had undertaken to date.

The last couple were “twins” Oyvind and Ole Jacob Fisk Byland (21), Ari Odland (32), Gregors “Gregor” Gorzinski (37), Ibe (15) and Joachim Wang (50) – and the winners were historic.

The series went to Ebbe and Joakim – making Ebbe the youngest LEGO Masters winner in the program’s history.

25 hours of building LEGO

After an adventurous fall with the history of LEGO buildings, three teams remained hopeful that were ready to give their last in this year’s final. The final and crucial task gave the remaining participants the freedom to build exactly what they wanted – with 25 hours on the clock.

All participants went on to tell different stories. Ebbe and Joakim chose to build a larger version of the popular LEGO set “Skull Island” since 1995.

Gregor and I went to the idea of ​​a town with miners who earn a living by mining diamonds. Ole Jakob and Øyvind built a city from Greek mythology.

Champion Piece Leggerns were influenced, not only in the final, but throughout the season, by the finalists who stayed on at the end.

– They have brought up new pages that have never been seen before in the context of LEGO Masters. They had a unique and impressive way of implementing both storytelling and visuals, he tells TV 2 over the phone.

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It’s hard to keep it a secret

Although Legernes was the only one who made decisions about buildings before, this time he received help from previous participants. They were given one vote each, which they could give to the building they liked the most.

After the chip master was awarded 10 points, and the rest were awarded 1 point each, it was decided – Joachim and Ebe won the LEGO Masters Norway game.

Watch the interview with Ebbe and Joakim at the top of the issue

It was a hard-to-keep secret, says Joachim and laughs when TV2 and Ebe called him.

Even though they know they’ve been the winners for just under half a year, they don’t feel that life is entirely different.

We have to remind each other that it has already happened, says Ebbe and thinks it will feel more real when they see the final.

Winners: Ebbe and Joakim

Winners: Ebbe and Joakim

The duo won 500,000 NOK and a 100,000 NOK gift card from Lekekassen. Plans are already ready for what the prize will be used for.

– We’ll make sure Ebbe has a good portion of the savings, so half goes to him. The other half goes for family fun, says Joachim.

The Doctors can also reveal that the Pirate Building of Ebi and Joachim was his favorite to win the final.

– They were my favorites in the final. Especially because of the original and rich details of the buildings, and the noisy crowds in the layout. One of them was drawn to a pirate movie – it was unique, the slide maker boasts.

– The talent of Ebe and the artist Joachim adds.

The father and son already had a strong relationship through LEGO, but they got closer.

“I learned how much I can trust my father, and how big of a rock he is to me,” says Ebbe.

No acid mines

The “twins” Oyvind and Ole Jacob took second place, which they are very pleased with.

– When we scored, we had no intention of reaching the final. We should just try to keep up with it for as long as we can – we surprised ourselves,” says Ole Jacob over the phone.

Although they did not win, they also received an award. This was something they hadn’t expected, but they were very grateful for.

– We didn’t think we’d get anything, so getting a trip to LEGOLAND and a gift certificate for 30,000 in LEGO was so much fun. It was a great pleasure to be appreciated in this way when we got this far, he continues.

They both agree that new friendships are the best thing about the experience, and that they can have good relationships with other LEGO fans.

The community was the best, says Øyvind.

Return: All participants returned to the final.  Photo: LEGO Masters / TV 2

Return: All participants returned to the final. Photo: LEGO Masters / TV 2

Are and Gregor ended up in third place, and for them the experience was more than they could have dreamed of. They entered the competition as acquaintances, and now they come out as good friends.

– They are kind to hobbies, no sense until you can share them with someone, does he say about the good relationship he has with his LEGO partner.

Being third has nothing to say to them, and he says the participation in and of itself was a victory.

– It’s so wonderful, we were so surprised that we were able to get this far, says Gregor.

One of the biggest things was inserting the eye of the needle, it was a long process of intervention. R says I have a lot of gratitude for my participation.

You can now watch all episodes of LEGO Masters on TV 2 Play.

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