Bella Hadid: – I couldn’t breathe

Bella Hadid: - I couldn't breathe

During the Met this year it was There is no shortage of sexy clotheswhich you can often rely on for the annual celebration.

On the guest list was big hollywood starsmany exhibitors were also invited to the famous gala dinner, including Bella Hadid (25).

Now she reveals that the evening didn’t go exactly as planned, while at the same time making a previous statement about the outfit on the red carpet.

– Turned black

There is no doubt that the party is of a high standard when it comes to choosing clothes. The annual Met party chooses a new theme for each year that guests are expected to dress up for.

Surprise: Kim Kardashian surprised in her dress at the Met gala. Video: AP
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This year’s theme was In America: An Anthology of Fashion, which served as the second part of last year’s Fashion Dictionary. Should this year’s theme Celebrate the “inclusion” of American fashion, according to Vogue magazine.

Hadid chose to wear an all-black dress with a black corset, and this outfit later received a lot of praise from both fashion experts and the model’s followers.

Earlier this month, I explained to Interview That the outfit was partly responsible for the physical stress on her.

– She turned black for me, literally. “I don’t know if that was my concern, or maybe my waist was so tight I couldn’t breathe,” she told the magazine.

excited and anxious

Now the 25-year-old has changed his statement that the dress is to blame for his breathing difficulties. He writes H! News.

Want details: The dress that Lady Gaga wore during the inauguration of US President Joe Biden, had a unique feature. Video: AP / NTB. Reporter: Maja Walberg Cliff

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– I want to make this very clear. That wasn’t what I meant to say at all, I shared on Instagram with some screenshots of the news story along with the original comment.

I didn’t say it turned black because of my corset, but from how excited and anxious I was–and tended to be–on the red carpet. I really meant it passes in one second. It’s so fast, she continued, that I hardly remember it.

However, the model doesn’t hide the fact that most of the dresses she wears on the red carpet are uncomfortable, especially when it comes to a tight corset. However, she assures fans that corsets fit properly.

– Corsets are generally pretty uncomfortable and challenging to the lungs, but my corsets fit perfectly with enough room to eat and drink, she concludes.

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