Bergensbanen: – NRK profile to be discharged

Bergensbanen: – NRK profile to be discharged

On Monday night, a train from Bergen to Oslo had to stop at Finns station when suddenly smoke started coming from the engine compartment.

A total of 179 passengers had to leave the train and wait at Finns Hotel.

NRK news anchor Ingwilt Brien writes that one of the passengers was told to leave over the train's loudspeaker system. Bergen Newspaper.

– It was quiet and nice, people were not stressed. But we don't know how long we have to wait at the hotel, Brian tells the newspaper.

He says there is no reason to panic, but a message has been received that passengers will have to wait for a new train.

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– No good night's sleep

Ingwilt Breen told the newspaper that they had to wait more than two hours at the hotel before arriving at the new train station.

On board, passengers were given simple food such as poultices on wounds.

– The train that took us was a local train with no sleeping berths or dining carriages. So no good night's sleep, but people are taking it well, Brian says.

According to Wai, the train problems led to delays of three to three and a half hours.

Stopping Place: The train halted at Finns Station. The film is from 2003, but time has stopped here. Photo: NTP
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The air ambulance went out

The Air Ambulance rushed to Finns following reports of smoke growth.

– The engine driver and two conductors suffered some smoke inhalation. Morton Rebnard, operations manager at the Western Police District, tells PA that they have been airlifted.

The train staff should have been sent back to Bergen with the oncoming train.

V tells PA that they still don't know what's behind the growth of smoke.

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