Equinor, DNV | The alarm sounds: – Norway is far from the target

Equinor, DNV |  The alarm sounds: – Norway is far from the target

DET NORSKE TEATRET (Nettavisen): Not a single seat was empty at Equinor’s autumn conference on Tuesday.

The news also revealed that DNV will share its fourth report on Norway’s energy transition at 2pm, called “Energy Transition Norway”.

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– Far from the target

– Norway is unlikely to meet our emissions targets in the short or long term, says Sverre Alvik, head of research for energy transition for Nettavisen at DNV GL.

Watch the video interview here:

– How far is Norway from the targets according to their calculations?

– Farther: We estimate a 27 percent reduction by 2030, where the target is 55 percent. So it’s far away, says Alvik.

“We don’t see the drastic measures being put in place to break the emissions curve downwards,” he added.

– Need to generate more power – faster

– What do you think it will take to achieve the goal?

– The primary requirement to get there is that we generate more power quickly. Then wind and sea breezes apply, but it goes very slowly.

– What is the most important thing to do?

– The most important thing now is to get the highest possible power output in the shortest possible time. We have to win in the sea breeze we are dealing with now. Eventually we should get onshore winds. For “blue hydrogen” we can use oil and gas, which in the long run will also become “green hydrogen”.

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– Serious

– How serious are these findings of yours?

– The failure of Norway, one of the richest countries in the world, to meet its climate targets is serious. We have to have credibility on climate matters, and then we have to succeed in achieving the goals domestically. We will also have the task of financing emissions abroad, but must first succeed at home.

Netavisen, Climate and Environment Minister Andreas B. Contact Erickson (AP) for comment on the case.

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