Bernard (36) died: – Great loss

Bernard (36) died: – Great loss

Bernhard Leander Ewald Kriegeskorde (36) died The crash at the Scorpjellet in Inertal on Saturday afternoon.

The name is released by the police in consultation with relatives. Olav Javik, a relative of relatives at the police station, told Thackeray that the survivors were having a hard time.

He fell to the ground while climbing with his wife. He is described as an experienced climber.

– Great grief

The head of a climbing club who was a member of Greigescorde says he is in environmental mourning after the tragic accident.

– Bernard is very outgoing, inclusive and caring. He has worked as an assistant in both high school and elementary school and has worked for vulnerable groups, Stick Ganstrom, president of the Christian Mountain Club, tells DocLead.

He tells of a person who did not tell him not to attend events at the club.

The climbing environment is experiencing great distress both locally and nationally. This is a great loss for those of us who know him personally, says Kanestram.

Bernard was originally from Germany and came to Christiansund about five years ago. He brought solid climbing ability from his home country, Kanestrom says.

– He spoke Norwegian fluently. He learned it in half a year.

Grief: According to Steck Conestrom, the climbing community is in mourning after Bernard, 36, died in an accident.  Photo: Private
In tragedy: Stick Canstrom says the climbing community is in mourning after Bernard, 36, died in the crash. Photo: Private
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Popular climbing area

The crash site is a popular climbing area.

– It is located at the beginning of Trollheimen, and is very easily accessible. From the car park, there is a one-hour walk to the serviced tourist cabin from TNT – Innerdolshita. From there there is a hike to the Inertelsfjellet known as “71 degrees north”.

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According to Konestrom, the Skarfjellet has three different climbing mountains.

Sørtoppen where the accident took place, ten rope path. Also rated five minus, which is well within his professional area, says the climbing club president.

He notes that they are waiting for an investigation and an accident report from the Norwegian Climbing Association.

Yesterday, Romstall’s Supreme Committee held a memorial service. On Tuesday, the Christiansund Mountain Club will do the same.

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