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On Friday, “Renaissance”, Beyonce’s seventh studio album, was released. But now the American artist has to record one of the songs, Heated Again, reports BBC.

The reason is that the term “SPAZ” is often used disparagingly around people with cerebral palsy.

The star’s publicist told the BBC that the word is used in various ways in the US, and was not intended to harm anyone.

They say the song will be re-recorded, without saying anything about when that will happen.

– Like a slap in the face

Among those who responded to the choice of words was the organization of interests Scope, who was disappointed with the artist.

Words are important because they reinforce the negative situations that people with disabilities face every day. Media director Warren Kirwan said Beyoncé has always been a champion of inclusion and equality, so we’re asking her to remove the offending script. BBC Monday

Australian writer Hannah Daveney, who has been involved in, among other things, disability rights, reacts to Beyoncé’s use of the word.

– It feels like a slap in the face. I am sick and frustrated that we once again have to have this conversation soon after we received such a purposeful and progressive response from Lizzo, she tells the British broadcaster.

Lizzo also had to change

In mid-July, Lizzo used the same expression in the song “Grrrrls”. There was also a dispute at the time. Many were disappointed that Lizzo, known for her songs about being in a good relationship with your body and accepting yourself as you are, chose to use such a word in the text.

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So I went out and apologized for using the words, and recorded a new version of the song in which the contested word was replaced.

Lizzo also had to apologize for using the words this summer. Here from a concert in New York in mid-July this year.

Photo: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

I would never encourage offensive language. As a fat black woman in America, many hurtful words have been used against me, so I understand the power of words you can have (either intentionally, or in my case, unintentionally), she wrote in a statement, according to Watchman.

Soon, the song was replaced by the new recording on streaming services. In the new version, the word has been replaced by the text line “Stop Me”.

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