June 8, 2023


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Charlotte Frogner spiller Valborg i den nye Olsenbanden-filmen.

Charlotte Frogner is the new Valburg company – NRK Kultur og

In the old films, it was Aud Schønemann who played “Valborg Jensen”.

Now it’s Charlotte Frogner’s turn.

It is already known that Anders Basmo plays “Egon”, John Carew plays “Benny” and “Kjell” is played by Elias Holmen Sørensen.

«New» Olsenbanden.

Photo: Nordisk Film Distribusjon

Valborg is Kjell’s wife, who is known to be a bit skeptical in previous films.

– I didn’t think, when I sat at home on the leather sofa in the eighties, that one day I would play Valborg, says Frogner.

Charlotte Frogner plays Walborg in the new Olsenbanden movie.

Charlotte Frogner, known among others as “By Side,” plays Walborg in the new Olsenbanden film.

Photo: Stig Jaarvik/NRK

She says the Olsenbanden world was part of her upbringing, and she believes there is tremendous value in films featuring both the big and the young.

– It was something one was allowed to see with their parents. I think it was absolutely wonderful.

The mix of fun, at the same time as the tension there and something a little scary, she says.

She also admits that it is intimidating to play a character who has so many relationships.

Valborg, you you

If the shooters are to be believed, it was not only easy to play one of the most famous “strong couples” in the history of Norwegian film.

Charlotte Frogner and Elias Holmen Sorensen play Walborg and Kjell in the new Olsenbanden movie.

Kjell and Valborg are among the most famous couples in Norwegian film history.

Photo: Stig Jaarvik/NRK

We may have laughed a lot, says Frogner.

– Sorensen adds that it’s made a little too often. This is what plays the role of “Kajil”.

They remember recording as a long summer vacation together.

– When I announced myself for the role, I had to ask myself “Who would Kjell and Valborg be today?” Frogner said.

Should steal the “scream”

Since 1969, Norwegians have learned about the Olsen gang through dozens of films.

On September 2, we’ll see them put on a new outfit.

This time it is neither gold nor money, but exclusive art.

In the movie “Olsenbanden – Siste skrik”, the ambitious and somewhat unfortunate goal of the criminal gang was to steal several paintings of Scream from the Munch Museum.

Several familiar faces

If you have watched the NRK series “Side by Side”, you will probably feel like another shooter.

Vidar Magnussen plays Detective Hermansen, who is determined to stop a notorious crime gang.

Another famous face is Tarjei Sandvik Moe, better known as Skam-Isak.

In addition, one can see comedians Lisa Tone and Sigrid Bond Tosvik in the film.

The good old and the new

Producer John Einar Hagen is one of those who has worked with the film for a long time.

He hopes and believes that the new movie will be loved by people. Both those who have been fans of Olsenbanden for a long time, but also a new generation who does not know the universe.

John Einar Hagen is one of the producers behind the new Olsenbanden movie.

Producer: John Einar Hagen took on the challenging task of rejuvenating a world in which many Norwegians grew up.

Photo: Stig Jaarvik/NRK

We’re in awe of a fresh start for the Olsen gang, says Hagen.

He says that if the audience likes the movie they’re making, then they’re ready to do more with the actors we meet in the movie that’s coming this fall.

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