Take one for the team – pull back from “71°N” – VG

Take one for the team - pull back from "71°N" - VG
Wood Clover: Agnete Husebye, Thomas Numme, and Birk Ruud.

Agnete “Agnetesh” Huseby (25 years old) voluntarily quit the fight to become Norway’s most powerful celebrity — and then transitioned straight to a new, radical television.


Hosbay, Thomas Nome (51) And Burke Road (21) Thursday’s episode of “71 Degrees North” began with the brand’s competition after losing to the other team. It became a short relationship.

– what’s up? Burke Rudd asks when Hosbee suddenly walked away from exercise.

– I surrender, replies my commissary.

Rod tries to convince:

– Stop, then, Agnethe. Let’s go! I can’t try NSn more time, then? You can do that.

Hasebe cries, but assures she is happy that the journey ends there.

– I don’t want anyone else to smoke today and I won’t be able to finish next time, she says with teary eyes.

Husebye explains to VG that she had previously notified producers that she was pulling out.

– But they didn’t want me to tell the others, they wanted me to start the exercise as planned. This was fine by me.

Witt Hint: Agnete Husebye after retirement.

Emotions continued to take hold a bit when Hosby saw Rod and Sleepy’s reactions.

– I shocked them that I took one for the team. So, it became very sad for me as well.

– You simply sacrificed yourself for the sake of your teammates?

– I was in love with both of them and wanted them to move on. When one of us had to smoke, I wanted to do it that way. I still feel like I walked out with my head held high.

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Hassibi put a lot of pressure on himself all the way through.

Deep down I am self-critical. Each stage was a difficult battle. For me, it was embarrassing the times when I felt like I pulled the team, and other of me ended up smoking. I’m a little tired of this feeling.

Friends: Burke Road, Agnet Hosebe, and Thomas Nome are welded together.

The YouTube star kept most of the uncertainty to himself. While Numme has He cursed and shouted almost from the starting lineAgnetesh seems disciplined and low.

– In fact, I am amazed at the way you dealt with extreme challenges, because I fought myself all the way. Instead of making others tired when I got really tired, I was able to get into my head and motivate myself.

Husebye has proven to herself that she can handle extreme pressure.

I know now that I can do heavy things. I will take that further with me.

The 25-year-old describes the loneliness among the participants as unique.

– We notice this especially later. We really need to be with each other, because only we understand what it was like. All the times when we sat in front of the campfire and chatted. We didn’t miss the mobile, because somehow we didn’t need the rest of the world, Hosby says and smiles.

NEW STUNT: In “16 Weeks Hell,” Martin Jonesrod Sundby and Annette Scarpas Ram (behind the fv) will push Yorn Howell, Agnet Hosebe, Sindeep Singh, Trane Lise Olsen and Christer Falk.

Even if my Hassi withdrew, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t ready for further testing. These days, she’s in full swing with the taping of another reality show, “16 Weeks of Hell,” on the same channel.

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– It’s very extreme TV, she says.

Along with five other celebrities, Hosby will go through a very tough regimen to get fit. This will be the third TV shooting test for YouTubers in a short time, because it is only a year old Participate in “Skal vi danse” on TV 2.

New Lifestyle: Agnete Husebye has changed her diet and is training hard. Here in a selfie from the end of October.

Recent Instagram photos from Huseby show that she has lost weight since taping The Hell Show in August.

A lot of people find it hard to talk about kilograms, but I think it’s fun now that a lifestyle change is paying off. I work hard. It’s fun seeing me in ’71, because I see for myself that I look completely different now.

Agnetesh is also seen in “Sofa” on TV 2, where celebrities sit and feed on TV shows.

– It’s not as demanding, she says and laughs.

Dance: Agnete Huseby and Bjørn Wettre Holthe on the dance floor last year.

Reality celebs are happy to show themselves to more than just the small audience they have on YouTube.

I get a lot of good comments that I am a good role model and that people have a sense of me. It’s cute, because you never know how people will react. But I tried to be who I am all the way.

I get that the next round of ’71’ gets another turn? Watch the participants’ talk about Team 71 Degrees North here:

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