Biathlon – Sprint – Norwegian sensation

Biathlon – Sprint – Norwegian sensation

In his third World Cup race, Johan Olav Putin shocked everyone. The 24-year-old hit two full houses and took a strong third place in the World Cup biathlon on Saturday.

– It's a crazy result if he can get on the podium, said TV 2 expert Ole Einar Bjoerndalen as Putin achieved his second complete victory.

Putin went all out on the last lap and managed a great podium finish. Only 11 seconds behind Frenchman Eric Pirro, who escaped with victory.

– Satan, I had to work for him. The toughest race ever, Putin sums up for TV2 after the race.

I started late

Thus Putin was only beaten by the aforementioned Perrot and Emilien Jacquelin. Sturla Holm Lægreid was fourth, just 1.6 seconds behind Botn.

Putin had the number 98 at the start and had to watch several Norwegians put in poor performances before he himself set into the sprint.

– I was very depressed there before the start. I heard the Norwegians are doing poorly and I think I should take it as training. It opened softly and went hard halfway through. But it was held. Putin tells TV 2: The devil was you.

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Johannes Thingness Bø struggled a lot in the USA on Saturday, missing four times in total in the sprint. The World Cup leader finished at the bottom of the results list.

– There's been a lot of that this season. “It (Thingnes Bø) doesn't work,” TV 2 expert Terrell Eickhoff replied.

Expert: Former biathlete Terrell Eickhoff. Photo: Beyat Uma Dahli/NTB
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– You're not allowed to thunder that fast when you first get a height barrier, says TV 2 expert Ole Einar Bjorndalen at the second photo shoot in Thingnes Bø.

Brother Tarjei Bø also struggled and twice missed shooting while standing. Several Norwegian sections struggled on the high-altitude American slopes on Saturday.

Modifications: Johannes Thingness Bø has been great standing up this season, but has struggled more with lying shooting. Video: NRK, Sørø Olsen/with/Dagbladet TV-sporten
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Norway had a strong relay win over the United States on Friday. All the Norwegians in the team were among the favorites for today's sprint – namely Sturla Holm Lægreid, Tarjei Bø, Johannes Thingnes Bø and Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen.

On Sunday, the manhunt begins in the United States of America.

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