Clas Brede Bråthen sues the Norwegian Ski Association – VG

Clas Brede Bråthen sues the Norwegian Ski Association - VG
In Dispute: Jumping director Claes Brady Brathin and the Norwegian Ski Association.

Jumping manager Claes Brady Brathin, 52, has submitted a subpoena to the Oslo District Court. Demands permanent employment in the Norwegian Ski Association.


We have received many questions from the media about the “Bråthen case”, so we have chosen to inform today that a summons has been sent to the Oslo District Court, says Marit Havimoen of Advokatene in LO in a press release.

This means that action notice becomes a reality They came with August 20. Bråthen has announced a lawsuit in response to the fact that his contract with the Norwegian Ski Association, which expires in the spring of 2022, will not be extended, after 17 years in the job on temporary contracts.

In the lawsuit, Bråthen is claiming permanent employment, and wants to ignore the exception the sport has with regard to temporary employment. He states that Bråthen finds it extremely unfortunate to sue.

17 years is not temporary. This is not what it should be like in Norwegian working life, union leader Christopher Beckham in Commerce and Office, of which Bråthen is a member, says in the press release.

The Norwegian Ski Association says it has taken note of the summons.

It will be a matter of principle relevant to all Norwegian sports, says Espen Graf, communications director for the Norwegian Ski Association.

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At the same time carrying The Jump Committee meets with the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Ski Association In the inflamed state. Monday’s meeting was fruitless and they are now working throughout the week to find a solution to the situation, which has caused a major rift in Hope-Norge.

Monday suggested new role andOr Clas Brede Bråthen, who wanted to relieve him of administrative responsibility – but still served as head jump. The jump committee supports the proposal.

What happens after the lawsuit will depend, among other things, on whether the Norwegian Ski Association also supports the decision in the jumping commission, Haffemoen says.

Alf Tory Hogg, head of the jump committee, did not respond to VG’s inquiries after the recall became known.

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The background to the case is that the national jumping team’s sporting director, Claes Brady Brathin, ended up in a feud with Engfield’s general secretary Britten Berg. It has been publicly known since mid-August.

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Prathen is accused of behavior that is unacceptable in working life. He himself denies this. Jumpers, coaches, and sponsors are on Bråthen’s side in the case.

SKI TOPS: General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg and President Erik Røste of the Norwegian Ski Association.

Meanwhile, six national team jump sponsors have announced that they will withdraw their support if Bråthen is not allowed to keep the job.

In December 2020, Bråthen received a written warning from the skating federation. It was largely related to things he mentioned in a case for Dagbladet, in which he believed that women’s jumps had been reduced during the Corona pandemic.

The press release states that Bråthen believes this is unfair, and that he has not gone beyond the freedom of expression he enjoys as an employee.

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