June 8, 2023


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Fear FIFA has abandoned Qatar - VG

Fear FIFA has abandoned Qatar – VG

Proud: FIFA President Gianni Infantino said he is proud that FIFA and football have contributed to improving conditions for foreign workers in Qatar.

Gianni Infantino says working with the World Cup facilities makes them proud. Amnesty International Norway’s Secretary-General, John Peder-Igines, described the statements as disappointing news.


The latest statements issued by the FIFA President are causing fear in Aegina.

If he is conscious, there is a change in communication strategy on their part. In this case, AI General Secretary for VG says, it is quite disappointing news.

On Monday evening, FIFA President Infantino was interviewed on stage during a conference hosted by the Milken Institute think tank in California, as he tried to convince the audience that conditions for the many migrant workers working in World Cup facilities in Qatar had improved a lot.

The powerful FIFA president said workers feel pride and dignity because they are allowed to work rather than “receive handouts”:

– It’s something we must not forget. When you give someone a job, even in dire circumstances, you give them dignity and pride. It is not charity. We do not run charities. You don’t give anything to anyone and say ‘just stay where you are, you’ll get this, and I feel good’.

Critic: Amnesty International Norway’s Secretary General, Jon Peder Egina.

– But to build the arena in which the World Cup will be held? The interviewer, Stephanie Ruhli, was shot.

– merely. It is also about pride and the opportunity to change the circumstances of these one and a half million people. It makes us proud, Infantino replied.

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These statements raise fear of Egenæs.

– I’m afraid there has been a deliberate change in contact from FIFA. In the past, they accepted criticism somewhat and said this was something they should work on. Now the situation seems to be that they’ve already done enough. They have never said such things before, says the general secretary of VG.

annoying to bother you

In February of last year, the Guardian published investigations that revealed that 6,500 foreign workers in Qatar have died since the country won the World Cup in 2010. Infantino does not directly reject the numbers, but claims that only three people have lost their lives on the World Cup construction sites. .squares.

– Now 6000 may have died during other work and so on. And of course, FIFA is not a global policeman or responsible for everything that happens around the world. But thanks to FIFA and football, we were able to address the situation of 1.5 million visiting workers in Qatar, says the Swiss.

Criticism of FIFA and Infantino has been high since the relationship with guest workers was revealed.

‘I have the impression that he thought it troublesome to bother you,’ says Egenæs.

FIFA’s responsibility does not end with the end of the World Cup final. They have a responsibility, by taking care of the many families who have lost loved ones by building these stadiums. In AI we will focus on the fact that they have to clean up after them.

Most of those working on the construction of World Cup facilities in Qatar are men from southwest Asia. Both Infantino and Qatar World Cup leaders have repeatedly indicated that they are working hard to improve conditions for guest workers.

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