– He’s set on it – VG

- He's set on it - VG
The Christopher Barmen case took a new turn on Monday night.

Christopher Barmen’s negotiating meeting with the club’s management did not in any way lead. Now the attorney notes that Barmen can come to Bran’s training on Wednesday, according to BT.


Bran announced on his website on Monday that Barman had announced that he would exercise his right to run for office.

This means that the player has the right to complete a three-month notice, but is then obligated to attend work.

“This naturally creates a difficult situation for everyone, but we just have to take it for granted.” It was further stated in the press release.

In an interview with BT Monday night, Parmen’s attorney, Eric Monsen, said Parmen intends to attend training on Wednesday, despite being fired by the club.

It’s obviously a difficult situation for everyone involved, but Christopher has many good Bran friends and colleagues. He says he was assigned to her Munson newspaper.

VG was in contact with Monsen on Monday night. He will not comment further on the case, but reports that he is behind what the NISO announced on Monday. Monsen also won’t confirm to VG if Barmen will actually appear on the field on Wednesday.

This is the press release from NISO (Norwegian Central Organization of Athletes):

“NISO hopes that SportsCluben Bran and Christopher Barmen have reached an agreement at today’s meeting. We respond to the club’s comment published in a press release on its website, where they wrote: “We regret that he does not take responsibility for his actions, but we cannot and will not allow us to push for solutions that cannot be defended or explained.”

Furthermore, they obviously mean Barmen she has They took responsibility for their actions.

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“He informed the club early on about current events – and apologized internally and externally. Barmen was the first to come out publicly to apologize for the behavior of the players involved. One would not agree with the club’s choice of Barmen’s reaction in any way that it could not be considered income to him for not taking responsibility for his actions. NISO reacts to the way the club here has chosen to put it.

Furthermore, NISO responds to the following paragraph in the press release: “Barmen announced that he will exercise his right to hold the position. This naturally creates a difficult situation for everyone, but we just have to take it with the granting of his rights.” Being in a position is a right for Norwegian employees. This right also applies to Christopher Barmen.”

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Monson believes that Barmen’s announcement that he will be in office is not problematic when it comes to the law in this case.

The fact that he will be in a position means that Christopher has the right and duty to perform the function required of him. He’s a footballer, and that means training and being there for matches, Monson tells BT, at the same time he realizes Barmen is ready to stand him up until the notice period.

Monsen also told the newspaper that the three-month notice period will go into effect on September 1. Until Wednesday.

Although the club and Barmen do not agree now, the last word is hardly said. The case may also end in court.

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VG was in contact with Vibeke Johannesen on Monday night. It will not comment on the case.

We regret that we were unable to reach an agreement with Christopher and his attorney. The dismissal is based on a comprehensive process of obtaining and evaluating the relevant facts, in which Barmen and his attorneys have also had the opportunity to present their version of the facts. We regret that he does not take responsibility for his actions, but he cannot and will not let us push for solutions that cannot be defended or explained, Johansen said in a press release earlier today.

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