Biden and Obama hate Trump

Biden and Obama hate Trump


  • President Joe Biden gathered Hollywood's elite and Barack Obama in Los Angeles, raising more than $30 million for Democrats.
  • The evening included jokes about Donald Trump from Biden, Obama, and other celebrities.
  • Meanwhile, Trump campaigned in Detroit.

During the star-studded evening, more than $30 million was raised, equivalent to more than 300 million Norwegian kroner. He writes that the amount broke previous records, and is the largest amount raised in a single evening in Democratic history. Los Angeles Times.

Bring on the sting

Bring on the sting

In addition to Barack Obama, George Clooney and Julia Roberts were at the top of the poster for the event, which had exorbitant prices. To attend the event, one had to pay between $250 and $500, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The closer to the theater, the more expensive. You mostly had to get away with whether you were going to take pictures with the boss and participate in the VIP after-party.

RUN THE SHOW: Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel hosted the show from a stage in Los Angeles on Saturday night.  Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters/NTB

RUN THE SHOW: Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel hosted the show from the stage in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters/NTB
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Other famous faces included Jason Bateman, Jack Black and Barbra Streisand, all led by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, the Los Angeles Times writes.

The latter referred to Donald Trump as “the orange Julius Caesar.”

Although Kimmel was responsible for most of the comedic elements of the evening, Biden and Obama also tended to joke around a bit from the stage, according to the newspaper.

-Do you remember the epidemic? Biden asked.

– Trump said: “Don’t worry, just inject some bleach,” adding: “It worked for him, his hair color.”

This clip of American Joe Biden from the G7 meeting in Italy was discussed by many media outlets. Video: Reuters, NBC. Reporter: Marti Nelloken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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Obama joke

Barack Obama, who was elected in 2009 as America's first black president, also criticized Trump and Trump's claim that he is the president who has done the most for black Americans since Abraham Lincoln.

“For example, one of the things he did was he made them feel better about the first black president,” Obama joked. Washington Post.

- He sees a decline

– He sees a decline

Barbra Streisand also made jokes at Trump's expense.

She said her husband “deals with the law instead of trying to bend it to his advantage.”

– Or we could choose someone who wakes up every morning and cares about only one person – himself, Streisand said, referring to Trump.

Donald Trump stood on stage in Michigan on Saturday, June 15, and challenged Biden to take a cognitive test. Then the error comes. Video: X. Reporter: Trond Markus Gravdal
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But the evening wasn't all jokes and fun. There was also serious talk about Trump's threats and a possible new term with Trump in power, the Washington Post wrote.

He was found guilty on all charges

He was found guilty on all charges

– What he did on January 6, and now he is threatening bloodshed if he does not win. Biden said: It is outrageous, and what he is talking about is outrageous.

He referred to the storming of the conference on January 6, 2021.

-He threatens revenge. This is the United States of America. Biden continued: Did you think you would hear something like this one day?

Trump spokeswoman Carolyn Levitt described Biden's appearance in Los Angeles as a fundraiser “with elitist, unrealistic Hollywood stars,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

This reaction from US President Joe Biden caused many people to react. Video: A.B. Reporter: Marti Nelloken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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Harsh criticism

While the president was arguing with Trump in Los Angeles, the other party was campaigning in Detroit, the news agency wrote AP.

Here Trump made, among other things, a well-known and unfounded criticism of the electoral systems in the United States.

Trump at the same time criticized Biden, who he believes is weakening the economy and increasing inflation, according to the Associated Press.

According to the Washington Post, both Biden and Trump have remained silent in recent opinion polls. The newspaper wrote that few voters want a rerun of the elections between the two, who each served two separate presidential terms.

In recent weeks, Trump has temporarily closed the gap on his campaign fundraising, according to the Washington Post, which believes the former president appears to have benefited from the outcome of the bribery case. He was convicted of 34 charges.

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