February 2, 2023


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Bird dogs Lilo and Crazy were found in the mountains after a five-day search - VG

Bird dogs Lilo and Crazy were found in the mountains after a five-day search – VG

Recommended: It looked like this when Rune Hansen (60) reunited with Lilo and Crazy Dogs five days later.

Missing during a snowmobile ride on Christmas Eve is the happiest dog owner ever to reunite with dogs after much searching.


– I’m very happy now. We are not celebrating Christmas. We have light and easy. These are our children, these dogs.

This is what dog owner Rune Hanson says about mother and son Lilo and Crazy.

The off-meeting took place on Tuesday night. From Christmas Eve onwards two dogs came out in the mountains in the municipality of Rana, where from time to time it was minus 20 degrees.

Study days

The dogs went missing from the snowmobile lane during a trip on December 23rd, and they may have been hit by a cruise. No matter how much he searched, Rune could not find out which direction the dogs went.

After that, several days of surveys were conducted with the study groups and the dog community who volunteered as numerous contributions from the people around the municipality. One of the volunteers Rune had never spoken to, but wanted to contribute with his thermal telescope.

He kept himself in an old hunting tower where he could not see an area where he had received tips that two dogs had observed.

Rune and many others entered the area, and suddenly a Christmas miracle happened – two yellow eyes in the dark.

– I yell “Crazy, crazy, can you come to his father”. Then he came to put his head on my lap. Then I see two yellow eyes again, it’s Mom. I yell “Lilo, Lilo”. Then she came too and put her head on my lap. I cried because I cried, says the native (60).

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Back home: Mother and son lie down and sleep with each other after running in the mountains for five days at Christmas.

150,000 kroner collected

By then, the holder of the thermal binoculars had seen them.

Before the dogs were discovered, the bird dog community set up a unit where they received NOK 150,000 by Tuesday. Some money went into the search operation, but the rest of the fund wonders if the 60-year-old dogs will be able to fund new search operations that will disappear from their ownership.

A dog belongs to Annette Scoheim Hanson, daughter of Hanson.

– I still do not understand that it is true, but I know it is true. Dad and a few others were able to go to the area tonight and report the sighting of dogs. Now I finally get a little calm and serenity at Christmas, he says Rana Flat, Who was the first to mention the case.

Now both dogs are tightly closed and sleeping in the cabin. Messi has a third dog in the family.

– He barely ate in five days, and did not sleep. He was eager to join. He realized that something was going on.

Now Rune has invited five friends to the party, and the menu includes tenderloin, beer and aquavit.

– It’s a big party, he says.