Bjarne Brondbo: – Fairly heavy bleeding

Bjarne Brondbo: – Fairly heavy bleeding

DDE singer Bjarne Brøndbo (59) is known for giving his all to art, and on Sunday, Trønder shared a photo on Instagram that could show a real blue road.

“No more backflips…” the singer captioned the photo.

It was natural for Dagbladet to call Brøndbo and hear what happened.

A new way to stop alcohol addiction

– Like Mike Tyson

An artist can say to Dagbladet:

– It's not very dramatic, I was just unlucky. We deal in used cars, and I had to bend over a box and then I got hit by a bumper in the face, Brondbaugh explains, adding:

-So I didn't do apres ski!

Brondbo explains that the incident occurred on Maundy Thursday.

– He bled profusely when this happened. “I felt like Mike Tyson,” the 59-year-old said, his eyes sparkling.

- Very disappointed

– Very disappointed

Stairna can rest assured that he is not in pain, and that a trip to the emergency room was not necessary. But it is questionable whether the XL1 will be straight into the cup in the next few days to rock trønder.

“But you’d better write that I tried a backflip!” he said jokingly.

big success

Bjarne Brøndbo and the Namsos DDE group are behind a number of hit songs, including “Det Går Likar No”, “Vinsjan På Kaia” and “E6”.

Lack of sleep: - Too much thinking

Lack of sleep: – Too much thinking

The group has toured for more than 30 years, winning a number of awards, including an honorary mention at the Spelman Prize in 2018.

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