News, Real Estate | Housing market booms in spring: – I haven't seen anyone get that

News, Real Estate |  Housing market booms in spring: – I haven't seen anyone get that

The newspaper online: – Forget the advice of selling when it's “hot”, says Sem og Johansen Eiendomsmegling CEO, Christopher Askjaer.

Spring is the time when many people want to sell their homes, especially homes that have a garden or are located in green surroundings, and become more attractive on the market.

Homes look better in the spring, Asker says. It's nice to have the beautiful garden etc on display. Most important of all, homes with a garden are now appearing on the market. It's nice to show off the beautiful garden etc.

But many homes on the market mean prices are also falling, and you won't necessarily get as much money for the home as you had hoped.

– You should sell when the market is “hot”, that is, when prices are high, and buy when prices are low. I've been a real estate agent for 23 years, and I've never seen anyone get it again, Asker tells Netafsen.

If you live in a property that has a garden or is surrounded by nature, this may be a good time to sell the property. If not, Askjer believes spring is not a good time to sell.

The most important reason for selling

There is no conclusion as to when it pays to sell the house. Many may think that you should wait until the market price rises to get the most out of a home, but the real estate agent believes there is another factor that is even more important.

The irony is that there is no indication that prices are better in the spring. Now everyone posts in the spring because it looks good, but then there will be more to choose from, which in turn makes the bidding rounds quieter, Askeger explains.

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Housing trap for parents: you could miss out on several hundred thousand kroner

He believes that it is not the season that should decide whether you should sell your house or not, but whether you need to change the house now.

– What actually controls the need in the housing market? Changes in living situation, such as having a child or needing an elevator, a larger house, or a smaller house. It changes throughout life regardless of the weather, Asker tells Netavisen.

80% of clients in Sem og Johnsen Eiendomsmegling buy their new home first, then sell the second one, which is what Askjer himself recommends.

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New homes struggle the most

The supply of homes for families with children on the market varies greatly depending on the season, and now peaks in the spring.

On the other hand, the number of apartments on the market remains the same throughout the year.

While new buildings struggled for a long time. High prices and a weak market make it difficult to sell at a good price.

– Construction has become expensive with inflation and wage growth. “It will be very expensive to build a new house, and it will be cheaper to buy an old house than a new one,” he says:

-Only 65 percent of new homes were sold last year. There is little crisis at all.

Christopher Askjer predicts a recovery in house prices: – It could be terrible

When it comes to the easiest place to sell in Norway, there is one area in particular that stands out:

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The housing market is linear. Askjer explains to Nettavisen that it is more expensive in the center of the city centre, and then it becomes cheaper the farther from the city centre.

In conclusion, he says it can be difficult to sell a property for a higher price than you bought it for, especially the farther you are from the city centre.

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